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Paddy Delaney
latest Podcast

Do You Think You’re Ready To Retire? What Are The Signs? #256

13th March 2023

This week I share 12 clear signs it’s time to retire from your full-time job. Perhaps it is to start...

Signs it's time to retire
10th September 2019

Designers Who Changed the Web

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19th August 2019

Investing For Retirement. Effective Retirement Income Strategies. Podcast 148

Investing for Retirement? Welcome to Ireland’s #1 Personal Finance Blog and Podcast, with me Paddy Delaney! This week we explore...

12th August 2019

Podcast147: How Early Can I Retire?

Welcome back to the #1 Investment and Retirement Planning Blog & Podcast in Ireland. Of late our focus has been...

29th July 2019

Financial Independence in Ireland, with Fin Goulding – Podcast 146

The concept of Financial Independence in Ireland means different things to different people. Friend of the show, Fin Goulding, has...

22nd July 2019

Podcast145: Making My ARF Last Longer

If you have, or are soon to have, an Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) you might benefit from the following research....

15th July 2019

Podcast144: The Abraham Okusanya Interview

Welcome to Informed Decisions Podcast, Ireland’s #1 Finance Blog & Podcast. As we continue our focus on managing and optimising...

8th July 2019

Podcast143: How Long Will My ARF Last?

How long will my ARF Income last? This week we continue our analysis of how we can actually go about...

24th June 2019

Podcast142: Investing in Bonds in Retirement?

Investing in Bonds, particularly in retirement (or once we stop working full time!) is the norm. If you are a...

17th June 2019

Podcast141: What You Should Know About ARFs

Welcome, and thanks for checking out Informed Decisions Blog. Over the past couple of weeks we have focused on managing...

10th June 2019

Podcast140: Generating Income In Retirement, Annuity or ARF?

Should I buy an Annuity or Approved Retirement Fund (ARF)? Unless we are retiring from a defined benefit (DB) pension...

3rd June 2019

Podcast139: A Life Changing Sum Of Money

Welcome back to Informed Decisions with me, Paddy Delaney! A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that the coming ‘season’...

27th May 2019

Podcast138: The Spice Girls & 20 Years of Inflation in Ireland

Financial Planning in Ireland is on the up. Based on my experience at least, Planning is what people really really...

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