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Join the community, get informed, achieve results, avoid costly common mistakes AND with your help we’ll support some worthy causes too

"Being a member of the Informed Decisions Tribe has enabled me to make adjustments to my personal and business finances that have already made tangible differences. Membership is a no brainer."

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For the past 4 years Informed Decisions has been devoted to helping you develop insights and know-how that will help you achieve your financial priorities.

The ideas, insights, interviews and education we share are made possible by the paying tribe members. In return, we offer you exclusive access to these insights, and we all support worthy charities.

You can learn through your own mistakes and costly errors, of you can quit wasting time, money and effort by joining the Informed Decisions Podcast Tribe...

What’s Inside?

Members of the Informed Decisions Tribe get perks that aren’t available anywhere else. Members tell us that they benefit greatly from valuable resources to get clarity, make better decisions, and take advantage of opportunities.

Every future podcast episode

You will have access to the member-only podcast feed in your usual podcast player. Learn what the financial services industry doesn’t want you to know, or to ask! Get every future episode of the Informed Decisions Podcast

Member-only ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) Episodes

You can ask me anything (finance related!) via our easy to use AMA page. I’ll aim to answer it in our frequent AMA episodes. Available exclusively to tribe members

Product, Book & Fund Reviews

We review some of the most popular financial products, funds and books that are relevant to Irish pension and investment holders. Learn if you are in the right or less-right place with your life savings and your approaches. Available exclusively as a member.

190+ Episodes

Access over 100 hours of financial guidance, insight and education in the Informed Decisions back catalogue of podcasts, specials and interviews.

Making a Positive Difference

50% of all memberships are donated to a registered charity – as voted on by the members each year

Member-Only Invitations

When we host technical pension or investment webinars, book reviews, mastermind sessions, launch video content and new eBooks we will send these exclusively to you as a member of the tribe

How much does it cost??

Many people pay fees of €2,100* every year via their pension scheme, and don’t even realise it. Yet many invest nothing in educating themselves or ensuring they are making the right decisions for their financial futures. Join the Tribe today & get the insights you need for a tiny fraction of what most pay in pension and investment fees.

Join the Tribe today – It’s quick, it’s easy, and you get all future episodes through your usual podcast player.

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€61 /year

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€161 / year

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Both options give the exact same access to everything we offer. Several members have asked how to give more, this is an easy way to do that. Both options are non-refundable.

50% of all proceeds donated to charity as decided by the Tribe members – the balance used to grow the community and the resources available to you.

*Based on Department of Social Protection finding the average pension fees are 2.1%, on a pension pot of €100,000

"I use my business to cover the annual sub, but I would personally pay far more to get these really valuable podcast insights and lessons. The bonuses like the Ask Me Anything are also very helpful."

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