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Paddy Delaney
latest Podcast

The Wealth of Health #294

15th April 2024

In this week’s podcast, I talk about the Wealth of Health.  Something slightly off-topic this week, and something far more...

2nd January 2018

Podcast67: Why Resolutions Don’t Work (& What To Do Instead!)

We kick of 2018 full of optimism, gratitude and excitement for the year ahead. After what was hopefully a nice...

18th December 2017

Podcast #67: How Much Could I Save By Switching Mortgage? The Big Switcheroo!

What do most of us have……really really desperately wanted it initially……….but now we really really want to get rid of...

11th December 2017

Podcast #66: Financial Well-Being with Jason Butler…

Welcome to another episode of Ireland’s #1 Financial Planning Blog & Podcast. This week we have a cracking interview with...

4th December 2017

Podcast #65- The War On Commissions……..(Green-Grocer Version!)

This week we are aiming to share some slightly different insights, and reveal some major news in the world of...

27th November 2017

Podcast #64: The 5 Simple Things….(I Promise!)

Welcome to Ireland’s #1 Financial Planning Blog & Podcast. Our purpose is to help you make informed decisions with your...

20th November 2017

Podcast #63: Mortgage Free By 32!! The ‘2 Cup House’ Interview with Claudia Pennington

This week we are chuffed to share with you the story of the guys at ‘2 Cup House’ in USA....

13th November 2017

Podcast #62: When Jimmy Met Aggie……Life-Styling

Welcome to Ireland’s #1 Finance Blog & Podcast. We are here to help you make informed decisions with your money…and...

6th November 2017

Podcast #61: The Emma Kennedy Interview (Mortgages. Kids & Money. Pension Reforms!!)

Welcome to our 61st edition of the informed Decisions Financial Planning Blog & Podcast. Did we mention we were recently...

30th October 2017

Podcast #60: Have You Made ‘The Empty Promise’??

This week we will take a look at the empty promise that we hear so many people make to themselves...

23rd October 2017

Podcast #59: “Tell Her To Shove Her AVCs….” [ AVCs – The Facts!]

Two lads were standing at the bar of a Friday night in October….their kids put to bed, they gather for...

16th October 2017

Podcast #58: ‘Owning’ A Baby….The Costs! (Plus Our First ‘Hidden Track’!!!)

OK, we were being a bit mischievous in calling it ‘owning’…..but if you have one you’ll know that the responsibility...

9th October 2017

Podcast #57: Rebalance My Investments…..What is It & Is It Worth Doing??

Rebalance my investments. This week we take on a subject which, while not that earth-movingly exciting, has gained in popularity...

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