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Paddy Delaney
latest Podcast

The Wealth of Health #294

15th April 2024

In this week’s podcast, I talk about the Wealth of Health.  Something slightly off-topic this week, and something far more...

22nd August 2023

Talking Personal Finance with Brad Barrett – A $5Bn Planning Firm MD #270

In this week’s podcast, Paddy has a fantastic chat with Brad Barret the MD of a $5Bn planning firm. Brad...

Cash Is King
14th August 2023

Cash Is King? Podcast 269

Irish Household Wealth Aside from their regulatory role over financial services, Central Bank of Ireland share some really interesting research...

31st July 2023

5 Challenges to Independent Investment Advice in Ireland #268

Independent investment advice in Ireland is a rare thing, at least under current Central Bank of Ireland regulations. Currently, only...

Retirement Planning
24th July 2023

Important Questions About Retirement Planning #267

If securing a high-quality retirement income is high on your agenda, nailing the answers to the following questions ought to...

17th July 2023

A Look Back at the Popular ‘A Listener’s Journey’ Series #266

This week we bring back episode one in the popular ‘A Listerner’s Journey’ podcast series with William Lacey.   Throughout...

3rd July 2023

Flashback To a Classic: Lars Kroijer Interview ‘Can We Beat the Market’ #265

While Paddy is off enjoying his annual leave we bring you a classic and popular podcast from 2021.  Lars is...

19th June 2023

Inheriting a House in Ireland #264

Inheriting a house can be a significant financial event. It carries its own set of implications and considerations.  From taxes...

What We Need From Financial Advisors
29th May 2023

What We Need From Financial Advisors #263

What we need from financial advisors? Like any individual in any profession, every Financial Advisor will have different strengths and...

22nd May 2023

Changes in Retirement Planning with Clive Slattery #262

In this week’s pension podcast we have something a little different. We recently hosted a webinar with Pension and Revenue...

15th May 2023

Death In Service Pension Benefit #261

What you’ll learn: How Personal Pension assets are treated on death (with simple example!) How Company Pension assets are treated...

8th May 2023

3 Keys To Preparing For A Successful Retirement #260

This week we are joined by William Lacey who we followed on his transition to retirement in a series of...

Estate Planning Ireland
24th April 2023

Estate Planning: Should I Bother? #259

This week I talk about Estate Planning; what to think about and what is important. While it might not be...

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