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Paddy Delaney
latest Podcast

Property Pensions & PRSAs with Glenn Gaughran #274

25th September 2023

In this week’s podcast, we talk to Glenn Gaughran, Head of Business Development & Marketing at Independent Trustee Company (ITC),...

30th October 2017

Podcast #60: Have You Made ‘The Empty Promise’??

This week we will take a look at the empty promise that we hear so many people make to themselves...

23rd October 2017

Podcast #59: “Tell Her To Shove Her AVCs….” [ AVCs – The Facts!]

Two lads were standing at the bar of a Friday night in October….their kids put to bed, they gather for...

16th October 2017

Podcast #58: ‘Owning’ A Baby….The Costs! (Plus Our First ‘Hidden Track’!!!)

OK, we were being a bit mischievous in calling it ‘owning’…..but if you have one you’ll know that the responsibility...

9th October 2017

Podcast #57: Rebalance My Investments…..What is It & Is It Worth Doing??

Rebalance my investments. This week we take on a subject which, while not that earth-movingly exciting, has gained in popularity...

2nd October 2017

Podcast #56: Core Satellite Investment Portfolios……Eh!?

While it might sound a little like a project to build the next NASA space-rocket this is a fairly simple...

25th September 2017

Podcast #55: The Impact Of Time On Investments…Tick Tock

It is the first thing people ask when they hear you work in the space of helping people manage money…..’What...

18th September 2017

Podcast #54: Wait For Armageddon Or Buy A House Now!?

There are many many people today in Ireland pining for their own home, looking to get onto the property ladder,...

11th September 2017

Podcast #53: Lifting The Lid On Fees….& How To Avoid The Sharks!

It’s Showtime! If you swim too close to a shark it’ll bite ya! If you have decent savings, investments and...

4th September 2017

Podcast #52: The Investment Management Interview…with Will Sparks!

Thanks for tuning in to this weeks’ Episode, our 52nd, and Informed Decisions’ 1 year anniversary!! We bring you something...

28th August 2017

Podcast #51: Making Sure You Get To New York (Managing Investment Risk!)

Hey! In a recent blog we took a look at the big 6 risks which exist when it comes to...

21st August 2017

Podcast #50: Is This The Best Mortgage Ever….!?

Hey all, in this 50th episode of the Informed Decisions Financial Planning Podcast we will aim to share insights on...

14th August 2017

Podcast #49: The Coaching Interview – With Professional Coach Niall English

We are joined by Professional Coach Niall English, to uncover exactly what coaching is, how it can be of benefit...

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