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Paddy Delaney
latest Podcast

From The Marines to Professor of Financial Planning #301

24th June 2024

For this week’s podcast we welcome a fantastic guest, Chet Bennetts. A professor of Financial Planning with a wonderful story...

29th October 2018

Derek Bell Interview – How To Retire Well! Podcast 111

Derek Bell RPC Ireland. Welcome to Ireland’s only dedicated and straight-talking Personal Finance & Financial Planning Podcast. Delighted you have...

22nd October 2018

Podcast110: How To Procrastinate Later………

‘I’m not a procrastinator, I just prefer doing everything in a dead-line induced panic!’……Honest words shared with me by an...

15th October 2018

Podcast109: The Real Impact Of Budget 2019 (Budgety McBudget-Face)

In 2016 The Natural Environment Research Council in the UK invited the public to name their latest scientific research vessel,...

15th October 2018

Podcast101: Using Trusts In Your Estate/Financial Planning

We have recently been asked to share ideas on how an individual (or couple) can ensure their investments/estate/assets are properly...

8th October 2018

Podcast 108: When Investing ‘Risk Questionnaires’ Are Dangerous

If you have ever invested money in a fund or collective fund with a 3rd party, either through a pension...

1st October 2018

Podcast107: The State Pension….Are You Swimming In The Nip!?

Are you swimming in the nip dear reader? This week we share some ideas with you about a what the...

24th September 2018

Podcast106: Is Investing in EII Scheme A Viable Option For Me?

This week we are finally getting round to a topic that has been on ‘the list’ for quite a while....

17th September 2018

Podcast105: A Huge Tax Saving On Investments – A Tale Of 2 Cities

Charles Dickens’ novel about Dr. Manette, his 18 year incarceration in Paris and subsequent relocation to London to spend time...

10th September 2018

Podcast104: An American Perspective….With Eric Brotman

Welcome to Ireland’s only dedicated and straight-talking Personal Finance & Financial Planning Blog. We are on a mission to make...

3rd September 2018

Podcast103: Real Returns: Invest in Low Cost Funds Or A Pension

This week we are hoping to answer several questions we have had from listeners in the past 6 weeks or...

27th August 2018

Podcast102: The 4% Rule In Ireland….

This week we are taking a closer look at the fabled ‘4% Rule’ relating to drawing-down on investment or retirement...

13th August 2018

Podcast100: The Guy Spier Interview

Welcome to Ireland’s only dedicated Financial Planning & Investing Podcast & Blog. We are on a mission to do things...

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