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Paddy Delaney
latest Podcast

Should I Go All-In On The S&P500? #289

19th February 2024

In this week’s podcast I talk about S&P500 and if it’s a good idea or not to go All-In. Should...

Invest Pension in S&P500
6th August 2018

Podcast99: When Simplicity Rewards Investors

In a meeting last week I was asked why my philosophy toward successful long term investing was so simplistic and...

30th July 2018

Podcast98: Can A Couple Retire In Ireland With €1million?

As a young boy growing up many years ago a million euros (or pounds as it was!)  always sounded like...

23rd July 2018

Podcast97: The Mexican Fisherman……..

Welcome to Ireland’s only dedicated Financial Planning & Personal Finance Blog & Podcast. Last year we won the award of...

16th July 2018

Podcast96: Planning for company directors in Ireland….Party-Time!

Welcome back to Ireland’s award winning Finance Blog & Podcast. Delighted you have joined us! Our mission is to help...

9th July 2018

Podcast95: The 3 Characteristics Which Suggest You Should Not Invest In Equities….

There was a large scale research study done by Gallup Consulting Group (a hugely credible global research company) this year...

2nd July 2018

Podcast94: Growth Or Value Investing, Which Is Best??

Growth and Value Investing are both around a long time as an ‘investment strategy’, and there are compelling rationale for...

25th June 2018

Podcast93: The Bid That Could Change Your Life….!

Nobody likes to be suffering from something that they aren’t aware of, particularly if it is a nasty and invasive...

18th June 2018

Podcast92: Develping A Career in Financial Services….with Hugh Murray

Thanks for joining us here on Ireland’s only dedicated Financial Planning Podcast & Blog. We are on a mission to...

11th June 2018

Podcast91: The Emmet Savage Conversation…..

Welcome to Ireland’s dedicated investing and Financial Planning Podcast & Blog. We are on a mission to enable our listeners...

4th June 2018

Podcast90: Should I Own Bonds? A 3-Portfolio Study

For decades Bonds have been touted as the elixir to an investors’ nervous tendencies when investments hit volatility. If you...

28th May 2018

Podcast89: Financial Planning With The End In Mind

If we were to take a close and honest look at it very many of us, I’m guessing, would admit...

21st May 2018

Podcast88: My Worst Investment Ever….And What We Can Learn!

This week in Ireland’s dedicated Financial Planning & Personal Finance Blog & Podcast we take a look at what has...

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