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Paddy Delaney
latest Podcast

Do You Think You’re Ready To Retire? What Are The Signs? #256

13th March 2023

This week I share 12 clear signs it’s time to retire from your full-time job. Perhaps it is to start...

Signs it's time to retire
13th December 2021

The Justin King Interview – Transitioning To Retirement #208

Hi, In this weeks’ episode I’m delighted to share with you a conversation I had with UK-based Chartered Financial (&Life)...

Will Rainey
6th December 2021

The Will Rainey Interview – Kids, Their Money & Their Investing #207

Hi, It is a sad state of affairs when we have to rely on individual authors and thinkers publishing books...

29th November 2021

Changes To Pensions & No Changes From Active Managers! #206

This week we share a few nuggets that I hope will offer clarity and assurance on a few key aspects...

22nd November 2021

Platform Investing in Ireland with David Worrell #205

This week we bring you the David Worrell Interview – where we discuss all aspects of Investment Platforms in Ireland....

Robin Powell Informed Decisions
15th November 2021

The Robin Powell Interview #204

Robin Powell is a force within the investing world – on a mission to inform the public and financial advice...

8th November 2021

ESG Investing in Ireland – Theory Vs Practice #203

As with most things in Financial Services in Ireland, (Environmental, Social & Governance) ESG Investing in Ireland is one that...

1st November 2021

The Biggest Surprises In Retirement – Podcast #202

This week I share some interesting research and insights on how to prepare for the biggest surprises in Retirement, both...

Investment Funds in Ireland
25th October 2021

Terrible Investment Funds in Ireland & What To Do About It – Podcast 201

Welcome back to Podcast 201 – It’s been too long! This week we share a doozy……. Another specific example of...

Pete Matthew Informed Decisions
16th November 2020

Podcast 200 – with Pete Matthew (The PodFather!)

It’s not ever day that you get to launch your 200th episode – so who better to help us mark...

Pod199 Sarah Fallaw
9th November 2020

‘The Next Millionaire Next Door’ with Dr. Sarah Fallaw – Podcast 199

Dr. Sarah Fallaw shares her insights on the following: – Her research of wealth builders all across the US –...

2nd November 2020

Investment Trusts in Ireland – Podcast 198

This week we explore the pros & cons worth knowing about them, and we share some factual performance data about...

19th October 2020

The A to Z Of Financial Service Acronyms (TATZOFSA!) – Podcast 197

Hey! Financial Service firms love their acronyms, as in they love them! Maybe it’s an insecurity thing, or maybe it’s...

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