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Paddy Delaney
latest Podcast

Tax Pitfalls To Avoid with Christine Kearney CTA #282

6th December 2023

In this week’s podcast, we chat with Christine Kearney CTA from VengaPeople. Christine offers tax and business advice to people...

8th August 2022

The Final Years of Employment: Preparing For Retirement With Roger Whitney #234

How are you doing, hope life is good. We have a very enthused, knowledgeable, and contagious personality on the podcast...

26th July 2022

Escaping Full Time Employment With William Lacey. Part 4 #233

Welcome back to the latest Informed Decisions podcast: Transitioning from full time employment. This week we have William Lacey back...

Bond & Equity Values Falling
18th July 2022

Things To Do About Bonds & Equities Falling #232

“My Bonds & my equities are falling in my pension – I must do something”….said almost everyone who has an...

Lars Kroijer investing
11th July 2022

Is It Possible To Beat The Market? What Is Investment Edge? #231

Lars Kroijer is our guest on today’s podcast to talk with Paddy about can we beat the market, investment edge,...

pension tax free lump sum 25%
4th July 2022

Should You Take 25% Tax Free Lump Sum From Pension? #230

  Pension Tax Free Lump Sum Welcome, dear listeners. In this episode we take a look at whether you should...

Pension Safety
27th June 2022

Prepare Your Pension For The Next Big Crash [Is It Coming?] #229

This episode, ‘Prepare Your Pension For The Next Big Crash’, was originally recorded and published in September 2021 for the...

20th June 2022

Paying Nursing Home Care in Ireland: What You Need To Know #228

Hello dear listener. As promised we have Niall Tinney, founder, and creator of Elder Care Finance joining us for an...

Gift To Adult Children
13th June 2022

4 Smart Ways to Gift to Adult Children! #227

Many people are dubious about giving a large gift to adult children. If you find yourself having relatively significant amounts...

30th May 2022

ETFs, Crypto, & Financial Planning With John Swolfs #226

Greetings hope life is good. In this week’s episode, we are back with another interview. This week we chat with...

Have We Enough To Retire?
23rd May 2022

Have We Enough To Retire? Top 5 Considerations #225

One of the biggest concerns for most people as they approach retirement is ‘Have we enough to retire?’ READ OUR...

16th May 2022

Escaping Full-Time Employment William Lacey Part 3 #224

Hope you are well, hope all is good. We are back with part 3 of our listener’s journey with William...

9th May 2022

Steps To Take In The Years Before Retirement with Fritz Gilbert #223

Award-winning Blogger and successful recent retiree Fritz Gilbert shares with us the financial and non-financial aspects of planning and executing...

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