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Paddy Delaney
latest Podcast

Investing vs Inflation, We Are Hiring & I Interview My Kids #300

11th June 2024

This week’s podcast is the 300th Informed Decisions Personal Finance Podcast, so it is a little bit different than the...

15th July 2019

Podcast144: The Abraham Okusanya Interview

Welcome to Informed Decisions Podcast, Ireland’s #1 Finance Blog & Podcast. As we continue our focus on managing and optimising...

8th July 2019

Podcast143: How Long Will My ARF Last?

How long will my ARF Income last? This week we continue our analysis of how we can actually go about...

24th June 2019

Podcast142: Investing in Bonds in Retirement?

Investing in Bonds, particularly in retirement (or once we stop working full time!) is the norm. If you are a...

17th June 2019

Podcast141: What You Should Know About ARFs

Welcome, and thanks for checking out Informed Decisions Blog. Over the past couple of weeks we have focused on managing...

10th June 2019

Podcast140: Generating Income In Retirement, Annuity or ARF?

Should I buy an Annuity or Approved Retirement Fund (ARF)? Unless we are retiring from a defined benefit (DB) pension...

3rd June 2019

Podcast139: A Life Changing Sum Of Money

Welcome back to Informed Decisions with me, Paddy Delaney! A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that the coming ‘season’...

27th May 2019

Podcast138: The Spice Girls & 20 Years of Inflation in Ireland

Financial Planning in Ireland is on the up. Based on my experience at least, Planning is what people really really...

22nd May 2019

Podcast137: Reducing Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax planning is most certainly a balancing act, is fraught with concerns and challenges, and is one that I...

13th May 2019

Podcast136: The 5 Common Retirement Planning Mistakes

ARFs, AMRFs, AVCs, Annuities all form part of retirement planning, but as usual there’s far more to it than products!...

6th May 2019

Podcast135: How To Build A €1m Pension Pot

It’s been mentioned to me a handful of times that the topics of the Blog tend to be focused on...

22nd April 2019

Podcast134: Achieving Financial Independence , With Michael Houghton

Welcome back! Many of us have heard of FIRE (Financial Independence – Retire Early) but not many of us have...

15th April 2019

Podcast133: The ‘Paddy Delaney’ Interview

Hi, and welcome to Ireland’s #1 Finance Blog & Podcast. This is a first for Informed Decisions, and this week...

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