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Paddy Delaney
latest Podcast

Should I Go All-In On The S&P500? #289

19th February 2024

In this week’s podcast I talk about S&P500 and if it’s a good idea or not to go All-In. Should...

Invest Pension in S&P500
Financial Advisor In Ireland
20th February 2023

Financial Advisor in Ireland – Prostitute, Escort or Spouse??

Choosing a Financial Advisor in Ireland is not an easy task! There are many different types of advisors, operating in...

13th February 2023

The Paul Merriman Interview #252

In this episode, Paddy has a great chat with Paul Merriman from The Merriman Financial Education Foundation in the USA....

Pension Changes Ireland
30th January 2023

Important Pension Changes in Ireland #251

This week I bring you some facts, no metaphors, no story, just facts about recent and important pension changes in...

5 Stages of Retirement
23rd January 2023

5 Emotional Stages Of Retirement #250

I estimate that there are approximately 100 people retiring today, and tomorrow etc. etc. Of these c100 people retiring each...

16th January 2023

3 Investment Lessons To Take From 2022 #249

2022 was a testing investment year for many. Rather than jump headlong into 2023, let’s take a few minutes to...

12th December 2022

Escaping Full Time Employment With William Lacey. Part 5 #248

Welcome back to the latest Informed Decisions podcast: Transitioning from full time employment. This week we have William Lacey back...

Best Investments Ireland
5th December 2022

Best Investments Ireland? #247

Investing in Ireland can be like staring into a fog at the best of times, until now of course! You...

What Happens My Pension When I Leave Employment?
28th November 2022

Leaving Employment – What Happens To My Pension #246

You have decided to make a career change or take a redundancy offer but can’t help but ask, ‘what happens...

Spending in Retirement
14th November 2022

Retirement Spending Changes To Expect #245

One of the biggest questions for people who are transitioning from full-time employment is ‘how does spending change in retirement?’....

7th November 2022

Investing In The Character Of CEOs With Dan Cooper #244

In this week’s episode, I chat with Dan Cooper, CEO of ROC Investments, about investing in the character of CEOs...

Safe Funds Ireland
24th October 2022

‘Safe’ Investment funds in Ireland Are Drowning In The Past Year #243

‘Safe’ Investment funds in Ireland are drowning in the past year, much to the surprise of many investors. In this...

17th October 2022

Living a Life Without Regrets with Jordan Grumet #242

In this week’s podcast, Paddy talks to Jordan Grumet, a.k.a. Doc G. Jordan is a Hospice doctor who found a...

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