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Paddy Delaney
latest Podcast

Investing vs Inflation, We Are Hiring & I Interview My Kids #300

11th June 2024

This week’s podcast is the 300th Informed Decisions Personal Finance Podcast, so it is a little bit different than the...

19th June 2023

Inheriting a House in Ireland #264

Inheriting a house can be a significant financial event. It carries its own set of implications and considerations.  From taxes...

What We Need From Financial Advisors
29th May 2023

What We Need From Financial Advisors #263

What we need from financial advisors? Like any individual in any profession, every Financial Advisor will have different strengths and...

22nd May 2023

Changes in Retirement Planning with Clive Slattery #262

In this week’s pension podcast we have something a little different. We recently hosted a webinar with Pension and Revenue...

15th May 2023

Death In Service Pension Benefit #261

What you’ll learn: How Personal Pension assets are treated on death (with simple example!) How Company Pension assets are treated...

8th May 2023

3 Keys To Preparing For A Successful Retirement #260

This week we are joined by William Lacey who we followed on his transition to retirement in a series of...

Estate Planning Ireland
24th April 2023

Estate Planning: Should I Bother? #259

This week I talk about Estate Planning; what to think about and what is important. While it might not be...

Do I Need A Will
17th April 2023

Why Do I Need a Will #258

Even subconsciously, the question surely pops into most people’s heads; “Why Do I Need A Will?” Given that a large...

Entrepeneur Relief Vs Pension Contribution
27th March 2023

Entrepreneur Relief Vs Pension Contributions – Which Is Best? #Our 1st Guest Post# #257

This week we bring you our first-ever Guest-Post, all about Entrepreneur Relief versus Pension Contributions. I will keep the author...

Signs it's time to retire
13th March 2023

Do You Think You’re Ready To Retire? What Are The Signs? #256

This week I share 12 clear signs it’s time to retire from your full-time job. Perhaps it is to start...

Unregulated Investments Ireland
6th March 2023

Unregulated Investments Ireland #255

If you have ever heard of Custom House Capital, Dolphin Trust, or Solar 21, you will know that Unregulated Investments...

27th February 2023

The Jason Parker Interview #254

This week Paddy chats with Jason Parker. Jason is the author of Sound Retirement Planning, the host of the Sound...

Financial Advisor In Ireland
20th February 2023

Financial Advisor in Ireland – Prostitute, Escort or Spouse??

Choosing a Financial Advisor in Ireland is not an easy task! There are many different types of advisors, operating in...

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