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Who Are Informed Decisions?

You have important decisions to make, and you most likely want to ensure the team have the competence and character to look after you and help you avoid costly financial mistakes.

At Informed Decisions we work together to deliver massive value to clients. Thanks to the wonders of technology, no matter who you talk with on our team, we are all collaborating towards your success.

Paddy Delaney

Paddy has over 15 years’ experience in the financial services profession. He worked with a major life company and banks in the 2000s' both as a financial advisor and later as a trainer of financial advisors...

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Siún Griffin

Síun has decades of experience in planning and organising. She loves overseeing and managing all aspects of a busy office. She has recently begun the QFA Qualified Advisor exams...

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Meet The Support Team

Paddy focuses on his own circle of competence; Client Relationships and Investment & Retirement Planning. Because we strive to give every client truly holistic guidance, we engage the following professional consultants.

Paula Downey
Regulatory Specialist

Paula Downey

‘The Compliance Consultant’. With 25 years expertise as a Compliance executive, Paula helps us ensure our processes and client solutions are ahead of regulatory change, and as secure as possible.

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Nick McGowan
Protection Specialist

Nick McGowan

Nick is one of the country's best in sourcing protection insurance for individuals and business owners. When clients need to protect themselves, Nick ensures it is done accurately and cost effectively.

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Nick McGowan
Technical Guidance

Tony Gilhawley

Tony Gilhawley has been one of Ireland's most prominent and respected techincal pensions actuaries for several decades. He supports us in ensuring our clients can benefit from the considerable planning opportunities available to them.

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Estate Planning, Accountants, Legal and other Professionals

In a sense we serve as a client’s ‘financial concierge’ where they can direct any and all financial questions. If we need to bring in other experts, we can carefully coordinate and collaborate with other professionals such as accountants, solicitors, insurance agents, lenders etc, as part of our on-going service to you.

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What Can We Offer?

If this sounds like a team with whom you would enjoy working, read about the value we bring to clients like you.

Benefits and Fees

Paddy has tailored our financial plan to fit in with our future.

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