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Paddy Delaney
latest Podcast

From The Marines to Professor of Financial Planning #301

24th June 2024

For this week’s podcast we welcome a fantastic guest, Chet Bennetts. A professor of Financial Planning with a wonderful story...

19th December 2016

Blog #14- When Can I Retire…..?

Hey, It’s one of those questions that many of us often consider, we possibly even have a quick look online...

19th December 2016

Podcast #15: When Can I Retire?…………..Great Question!

Hey! If you have ever wondered about any of the following: What age can I get the State Pension? When...

12th December 2016

Podcast #14: First Time Buyers & Existing Mortgage Holders….Take Control!

Hi, Whether you are a first time buyer or are an existing mortgage holder Paddy Delaney (QFA, RPA, BBS) shares...

5th December 2016

Podcast #13: The 7 Powerful Tax Reliefs & Allowances You Should Be Claiming!

Hi All, Thanks for tuning in again, this time to Episode 14. Paddy Delaney (QFA, RPA, APA, BBS) outlines the...

27th November 2016

Podcast #12: What is The Best Life Insurance Cover For Me??……….Who Knows!

Hi There, Thanks for tuning in! Life Cover, Life Insurance, Life Assurance……call it what you will, the fact is that...

18th November 2016

Podcast #11: Asset Class Basics & Diversifying Your Investments & Savings

Hi there! Investments can be ferociously complex things, and made even more complex by some, for their benefit and not...

13th November 2016

Podcast #10: Cohabiting Couples in Ireland…….Avoid a Shocking Big Inheritance Tax Bill

Hi Guys, Thanks for tuning in to Episode 11 of the Informed Decisions Podcast. In this episode we will share...

6th November 2016

Podcast #10: How to Invest Wisely & Successfully

Hi, Thanks for tuning in again! In previous episodes we have discussed the basics of emergency funding, clearing debts and...

28th October 2016

Podcast #9: Our First Guest Episode! Physical Health Expert Andrew Hageman- Are Physical & Financial Health Linked?

Episode 9 of the Informed Decisions Podcast introduces Physical Health expert Andrew Hageman of Meath-based A&S Fitness. We discuss links...

17th October 2016

Podcast #8: How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Debt Early

Discover the benefits and indeed the savings to be had from clearing your debt early. While it is not something...

8th October 2016

Podcast #7: How Much Life Cover is really Enough?

One of the other core foundations to an effective Financial Plan is to have a back-up in case you aren’t...

2nd October 2016

Podcast #6: Rent or Buy??

Hi All, Paddy & John shed (pardon the pun!) some light on what is the best way to go, rent...

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