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Inflation and the Impact on Your Retirement Investment blog251

20th May 2024

Today, we’re tackling a topic that’s been heavily addressed already, inflation – but in the context of how inflation impacts...

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Pension Changes Ireland
30th January 2023

Important Pension Changes in Ireland #215

This week I bring you some facts, no metaphors, no story, just facts about recent and important pension changes in...

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5 Stages of Retirement
23rd January 2023

The 5 Stages of Retirement #214

Interested in hearing about the different stages of Retirement? You are in luck! I estimate that there are approximately 100...

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16th January 2023

3 Investment Lessons To Take From 2022!

Welcome to the first Informed Decisions article of 2023, hope the year finds you in good form, and excited for...

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2nd January 2023

Informed Decisions 2022 Highlights – Top 10 Podcasts You May Have Missed

Informed Decisions 2022 Highlights – Top 10 Podcasts You May Have Missed Happy New Year, and we wish that 2023...

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Best Investments Ireland
5th December 2022

Best Investments Ireland? #212

In this week’s article, I’m going to share some of the ‘best investments Ireland has to offer’. Investing in Ireland...

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What Happens My Pension When I Leave Employment?
28th November 2022

When I Leave Employment What Happens To My Pension Benefits? #211

You have decided to make a career change or take a redundancy offer but can’t help but ask, ‘When I...

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Spending in Retirement
14th November 2022

How Does Spending Change In Retirement? 7 Things To Expect #210

One of the biggest questions for people who are transitioning from full-time employment is ‘how does spending change in retirement?’....

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Safe Funds Ireland
24th October 2022

Why Safe Investment Funds in Ireland Aren’t Right Now. Blog 209

If I had a cent for every time someone asked me for safe investment funds in Ireland that delivers good...

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mistakes to avoid in retirement
10th October 2022

8 Financial Mistakes To Avoid In Retirement. Blog 208

There are several financial mistakes to avoid in retirement. These are some of the most common that can cause a...

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Informed Decisions
3rd October 2022

A Public Service Announcement for Soon-To-Be-Retirees! Blog 207

If you are a soon-to-be-retiree or an already-retiree, you may well be grasped with fear in times like these. While...

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ESG Investments in Ireland
19th September 2022

The Death of ESG Investments In Ireland? Blog 206

Are we seeing the death of ESG Investments in Ireland, before they even got off the ground? Or are we...

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Decisions in Retirement
5th September 2022

What Is Most Important When Deciding To Retire? Top 6 Factors Blog 205

What is most important when deciding to retire?  The road to retirement and the decision to exit full-time employment is...

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