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The Wealth of our Health!? Blog247

15th April 2024

Something slightly off-topic this week, and something far more concise that usual. I hope it helps you. A definition of...

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14th December 2020

Ketamine and Fear/Greed in Irish Investing – Blog 162

If you say the letter ‘K’ to most people, they’ll think of maybe ‘Special K’ or ‘OK’ or maybe even...

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Investment Trust Taxation Ireland
30th November 2020

Taxation of Investment Trusts versus UCITs – Blog 160

Taxation of Investment Trusts is a very topical topic – and one we received a few emails on following our...

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2nd November 2020

Investment Trusts in Ireland Blog 159

In this piece we tell you what is worth knowing about investing in Investment Trusts in Ireland. We also share...

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19th October 2020

The A to Z Of Financial Service Acronyms (TATZOFSA!) Blog 158

Financial Service firms love their acronyms, as in they love them! Maybe it’s an insecurity thing, or maybe it’s an...

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5th October 2020

Tax on investments in Ireland – A Plea! Blog 157

Tax on investments in Ireland is a doozy! There is a warning often quoted in investment articles that suggest “you...

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29th September 2020

Your Life In 1 Week – Blog 156

If your life was one week long what day of the week would you be on, and what would you...

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14th September 2020

Opportunity Cost & a conversation with my wife! Blog 155

Opportunity Cost & a conversation with my wife! A friend of ours called over to the house last weekend for...

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7th September 2020

Investment Losses Loom Larger Than Gains – Blog 154

“Losses loom larger than gains”. Not my words but those of Nobel-Prize winning psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky (RIP). It was...

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Managed Funds Ireland
1st September 2020

Managed Funds fail to beat the market, most of the time! Blog 153

Actively Managed Funds under-perform Passive Index Funds in the majority of cases. Managed funds usually exist in order to beat...

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25th August 2020

Successful Investing – Buffett Style! Blog 152

Successful investing anyone? This week we share a short piece from the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett. We learn about...

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Standard Fund Threshold Ireland
3rd August 2020

What is the Standard Fund Threshold Ireland? Blog 151

What is the Standard Fund Threshold Ireland? This week, in what is a short 4 day work week, we share...

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27th July 2020

Certainty or Returns, Pick One! Blog 150

This week we share an investing concept that applies to investments and pensions equally. If I successfully and coherently share...

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