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The impact of inflation on €500k since 2021 (& a few other Nuggets!)…Blog253

11th June 2024

Hi, This Blog edition coincides with episode 300 over on the Informed Decisions Personal Finance Podcast, and so doing something...

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Pensions For Business Owners
20th March 2021

Pensions for Business Owners – 3 Pitfalls! Blog 168

Pensions for business owners can be a case of all duck or no dinner! Here’s how. This week I’m going...

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8th March 2021

Where Do We Go From Here….Blog 167

Talking about the current state of markets at any given time is of absolutely no value whatsoever to the long...

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1st March 2021

The Worst Time To Invest, Ever. Blog 166

It recently dawned on me, that in the near 20 years I’ve been involved in Investing etc, that people have...

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Recessions & Markets
26th January 2021

One Hundred Years of Recessions! Blog 165

What a cheery title eh?! This week’s piece is not intended as a history lesson. Indeed, if you are a...

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11th January 2021

Large Vs Small investing in Ireland in 2020 and beyond….Blog 164

I hope that you had an enjoyable Christmas holiday – and are raring to go. This week in the first...

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23rd December 2020

2020 Vision & ‘Ask Me Anything’! Blog 163

Where’s Your Focus? As a fan of Stephen Covey’s work and insights – his Circle of Influence framework whcih addresses...

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14th December 2020

Ketamine and Fear/Greed in Irish Investing – Blog 162

If you say the letter ‘K’ to most people, they’ll think of maybe ‘Special K’ or ‘OK’ or maybe even...

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Investment Trust Taxation Ireland
30th November 2020

Taxation of Investment Trusts versus UCITs – Blog 160

Taxation of Investment Trusts is a very topical topic – and one we received a few emails on following our...

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2nd November 2020

Investment Trusts in Ireland Blog 159

In this piece we tell you what is worth knowing about investing in Investment Trusts in Ireland. We also share...

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19th October 2020

The A to Z Of Financial Service Acronyms (TATZOFSA!) Blog 158

Financial Service firms love their acronyms, as in they love them! Maybe it’s an insecurity thing, or maybe it’s an...

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5th October 2020

Tax on investments in Ireland – A Plea! Blog 157

Tax on investments in Ireland is a doozy! There is a warning often quoted in investment articles that suggest “you...

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29th September 2020

Your Life In 1 Week – Blog 156

If your life was one week long what day of the week would you be on, and what would you...

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