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The impact of inflation on €500k since 2021 (& a few other Nuggets!)…Blog253

11th June 2024

Hi, This Blog edition coincides with episode 300 over on the Informed Decisions Personal Finance Podcast, and so doing something...

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Investment Platforms in Ireland
30th August 2021

Investment Platforms in Ireland, Losses Loom Larger Than Gains – Blog 182

Compared to other nations, investment platforms in Ireland are in their infancy. Some say that we are such a small...

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Consolidate My Pensions Or Not
9th August 2021

Consolidate Old Pensions, Or Not? Blog 181

This week we again tear into a question from a listener to the Informed Decisions Podcast, and it is one...

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26th July 2021

There’s A Hole In The Bucket, Dear Liza. Blog 180

‘There’s a Hole In The Bucket Dear Liza’ was a song my grandmother used to sing to my cousin Liza...

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28th June 2021

What Happens My Pension When I Die? Blog 179

Well how cheery a topic is that; but knowing ‘what happens my pension when I die’ is a pretty incredibly...

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Blog 178
22nd June 2021

Accumulating or Distributing Investments? Blog 178

Welcome to this weeks’ short but hopefully very useful piece! We were talking about dividends recently, and that prompted some...

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Inflation in Ireland
14th June 2021

Inflation in Ireland @ 5,093.2% ?? Blog 177

While many have forgotten about it, inflation in Ireland does actually exist! If you’ve bought anything other than a sliced-pan...

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How Big Should My Pension Be?!
31st May 2021

How Big Should My Pension Be?? Blog 176

It seems like yesterday but it is 3 years ago almost when we analysed the prospects for a couple retiring...

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Absolute Return Funds Ireland
24th May 2021

The Return of Absolute Return Funds in Ireland?? Blog 175

Greetings! This week I’ll share some research that will hopefully help you or a loved-one understand if you are invested...

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24th May 2021

Life Lessons & Buffet’s Pathetic Past Performance!? Blog 173

In this weeks’ episode I share some thoughts, broadly along the lines of the following headings! Life Lessons Berkshire Hathaway...

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14th May 2021

Self Administered Pension – Tread Carefully! Blog 172

The above title might sound a bit dramatic coming from someone that uses Self-Administered Pensions to help clients capitalise on...

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19th April 2021

Take Your 25% Tax Free Lump Sum, Or Not?? Blog 171

Conventional wisdom suggests when we want to take our pension benefits, we should absolutely take our 25% tax free lump...

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Blog 168 Informed Decisions
22nd March 2021

The Value of Financial Advice & Ask Me Anything….Blog 169

In order to stay relevant never-mind prosper, Financial Advice (like any other profession) must look inwards to improve, evolve and...

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