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5 Trends In Progressive Financial Advice -Blog230

18th September 2023

I was fortunate to attend FutureProof last week, the world’s biggest Wealth Management and Financial Advice conference, attended by c3,000...

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Informed Decisions
3rd October 2022

A Public Service Announcement for Soon-To-Be-Retirees! Blog 207

If you are a soon-to-be-retiree or an already-retiree, you may well be grasped with fear in times like these. While...

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ESG Investments in Ireland
19th September 2022

The Death of ESG Investments In Ireland? Blog 206

Are we seeing the death of ESG Investments in Ireland, before they even got off the ground? Or are we...

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Decisions in Retirement
5th September 2022

What Is Most Important When Deciding To Retire? Top 6 Factors Blog 205

What is most important when deciding to retire?  The road to retirement and the decision to exit full-time employment is...

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Investing Retirement Lump Sum
29th August 2022

Retirement Lump Sum Investing: Top 3 Things To Know – Blog 204

Retirement lump sum investing isn’t a one-off decision, just like getting a dog ‘isn’t just for Christmas’! As an owner...

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Tax and Investing RSUs in Ireland
22nd August 2022

American RSUs in Ireland – 3 Important Investing & Tax Tips. Blog 203

Having clarity around the management of your RSUs in Ireland is critical to successfully avoiding major tax and succession issues...

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Bond & Equity Values Falling
18th July 2022

Bonds & Equities Falling: 3 Things To Do About It -Blog202

“Bonds & equities are falling in my pension – I must do something”….said almost everyone who has an invested pension...

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Gift To Adult Children
13th June 2022

4 Smart Ways to Gift to Adult Children! Blog 201

Many people are dubious about giving a large gift to adult children. If you find yourself having relatively significant amounts...

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Have We Enough To Retire?
23rd May 2022

Do I Have Enough To Retire? Top 5 Considerations Blog #200

One of the biggest concerns for most people as they approach retirement is ‘Do I have enough to retire?’. There...

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Move Company Pension to PRSAs
28th March 2022

Move Your Company Pension to PRSAs To Aid Your Retirement? Blog199

If you are approaching, or indeed planning for retirement (exit from full-time employment) you may benefit from knowing about a...

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Prepare For The Worst
14th March 2022

Cop Yourself On & Get Financially Prepared For A Seismic Event Of A Non-Topical Variety, with Nick McGowan! – Blog198

Plan for the worst and hope for the best. Everyone is only talking about one of two things at the...

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7th March 2022

Pension Planning For Late-Starters – Blog 197

If you are heading towards retirement with zero pension planning done, this piece might help. There is a lot going...

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28th February 2022

A 30% Market Decline? Keeping Perspective. Blog 196

“Daddy, the lady at dancing class had toes coming out of her eyes and coming out of her ears!”. That’s...

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