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The impact of inflation on €500k since 2021 (& a few other Nuggets!)…Blog253

11th June 2024

Hi, This Blog edition coincides with episode 300 over on the Informed Decisions Personal Finance Podcast, and so doing something...

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4th September 2023

Don’t Jump Ship on Bonds: A Prudent Investment Choice. Blog 229

In the ever-evolving ocean of investments, where trends and fads can shift like the currents of the oceans beneath us,...

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Johnny Sexton Pension Planning Ireland
29th August 2023

Johnny Sexton – The (pension) Legend!? Blog228

This week I share some lessons we can learn from Johnny Sexton’s reported pension planning in recent weeks! I’ve not...

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Cash Is King
14th August 2023

Cash Is King? Blog 227

Today I share some thoughts on holding cash, some saucy Central Bank of Ireland research on Irish households, and a...

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31st July 2023

5 Challenges of Independent Investment Advice in Ireland blog 226

Independent investment advice in Ireland is a rare thing, at least under current Central Bank of Ireland regulations. Currently, only...

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Retirement Planning
24th July 2023

9 Important Questions to Ask About Retirement Planning blog 225

If securing a high-quality retirement income is high on your agenda, nailing the answers to the following questions to ask...

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Inheriting a House in Ireland
19th June 2023

Inheriting a House in Ireland – The Implications & Considerations Blog 224

Inheriting a house can be a significant financial event. It carries its own set of implications and considerations.  From taxes...

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What We Need From Financial Advisors
29th May 2023

What We Need From Financial Advisors. Blog 223

What we need from financial advisors? Like any individual in any profession, every Financial Advisor will have different strengths and...

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15th May 2023

Death In Service Pension: What Happens? Blog 222

What happens to my pension benefits if I suffer death in service? (die while being an employee and a member...

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Estate Planning Ireland
24th April 2023

Estate Planning: Should I Bother?? Blog221

While it might not be a topic that gets you all revved up, Estate Planning is considered to be a...

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Do I Need A Will
17th April 2023

Why Do I Need A Will? Will ya make a Will, will ya?? Blog220

Even subconsciously, the question surely pops into most people’s heads; “Why Do I Need A Will?” Sure I’ll be dead,...

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Entrepeneur Relief Vs Pension Contribution
27th March 2023

Entrepreneur Relief Vs Pension Contributions – Which Is Best?! Blog219 #Our 1st Guest Post#

This week we bring you our first-ever Guest-Post, all about Entrepreneur Relief vs Pension Contributions. I will keep the author...

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Signs it's time to retire
13th March 2023

12 Signs It’s Time To Retire – Close But No Cigar!? Blog 218

This week we share 12 clear signs it’s time to retire from your full-time job. Perhaps it is to start...

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