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There’s A Hole In The Bucket, Dear Liza. Blog 226

26th July 2021

‘There’s a Hole In The Bucket Dear Liza’ was a song my grandmother used to sing to my cousin Liza...

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20th March 2021

Pensions for Business Owners – 3 Pitfalls! Blog 168

Pensions for business owners can be a case of all duck or no dinner! Here’s how. This week I’m going...

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8th March 2021

Where Do We Go From Here….Blog 167

Talking about the current state of markets at any given time is of absolutely no value whatsoever to the long...

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1st March 2021

The Worst Time To Invest, Ever. Blog 166

It recently dawned on me, that in the near 20 years I’ve been involved in Investing etc, that people have...

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26th January 2021

One Hundred Years of Recessions! Blog 165

What a cheery title eh?! This week’s piece is not intended as a history lesson. Indeed, if you are a...

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11th January 2021

Large Vs Small investing in Ireland in 2020 and beyond….Blog 164

I hope that you had an enjoyable Christmas holiday – and are raring to go. This week in the first...

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23rd December 2020

2020 Vision & ‘Ask Me Anything’! Blog 163

This week, in the final article of 2020 I am sharing two quick concepts to help you, and we’re getting...

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14th December 2020

Ketamine and Fear/Greed in Irish Investing – Blog 162

If you say the letter ‘K’ to most people, they’ll think of maybe ‘Special K’ or ‘OK’ or maybe even...

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30th November 2020

Taxation of Investment Trusts versus UCITs – Blog 160

Taxation of Investment Trusts is a very topical topic – and one we received a few emails on following our...

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16th November 2020

Podcast 200 – with Pete Matthew (The PodFather!)

In Novemeber 2020, following this 200th episode, we converted to a member-based Podcast service. We continue to create new cracking...

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9th November 2020

‘The Next Millionaire Next Door’ with Dr. Sarah Fallaw – Podcast 199

Dr. Sarah Fallaw shares her insights on the following: – Her research of wealth builders all across the US –...

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