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The Wealth of our Health!? Blog247

15th April 2024

Something slightly off-topic this week, and something far more concise that usual. I hope it helps you. A definition of...

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20th November 2023

20 Investment Tips For Irish Investors To Navigate. Blog235

I recently came across a wonderful infographic showing 20 mistakes that investors make, and which they should try to avoid....

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Severance Payments Ireland
6th November 2023

Severance Payments and Taxes in Ireland: Are They Taxed? Blog234

When it comes to leaving a PAYE job or winding up your own company, there are various types of severance...

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ARF Income and Taxes Ireland
23rd October 2023

Taxation of ARF & Your Tax Contributions in Ireland blog233

How does taxation of ARF and your Tax work in Ireland work? The taxation of Approved Retirement Funds (ARF) and...

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9th October 2023

Money Market Funds in Ireland – Real or Unreal!? Blog232

Only last week I wrote about Money Market Funds in Ireland and how they should and should not be used...

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Money Market Funds Ireland
2nd October 2023

Money Market Funds For Company Cash? Blog231

Today, we embark on an oceanic exploration of a topic of paramount significance to every discerning business owner, whether or...

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18th September 2023

5 Trends In Progressive Financial Advice -Blog230

I was fortunate to attend FutureProof last week, the world’s biggest Wealth Management and Financial Advice conference, attended by c3,000...

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4th September 2023

Don’t Jump Ship on Bonds: A Prudent Investment Choice. Blog 229

In the ever-evolving ocean of investments, where trends and fads can shift like the currents of the oceans beneath us,...

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Johnny Sexton Pension Planning Ireland
29th August 2023

Johnny Sexton – The (pension) Legend!? Blog228

This week I share some lessons we can learn from Johnny Sexton’s reported pension planning in recent weeks! I’ve not...

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Cash Is King
14th August 2023

Cash Is King? Blog 227

Today I share some thoughts on holding cash, some saucy Central Bank of Ireland research on Irish households, and a...

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31st July 2023

5 Challenges of Independent Investment Advice in Ireland blog 226

Independent investment advice in Ireland is a rare thing, at least under current Central Bank of Ireland regulations. Currently, only...

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Retirement Planning
24th July 2023

9 Important Questions to Ask About Retirement Planning blog 225

If securing a high-quality retirement income is high on your agenda, nailing the answers to the following questions to ask...

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Inheriting a House in Ireland
19th June 2023

Inheriting a House in Ireland – The Implications & Considerations Blog 224

Inheriting a house can be a significant financial event. It carries its own set of implications and considerations.  From taxes...

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