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Inflation and the Impact on Your Retirement Investment blog251

20th May 2024

Today, we’re tackling a topic that’s been heavily addressed already, inflation – but in the context of how inflation impacts...

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13th February 2019

How To Invest An Inheritance? Blog 100

‘What should I do with an inheritance’ or ‘How to invest an inheritance’ are questions we might never hope to...

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4th February 2019

Annual Declines Of -13.9%….Blog 99

Welcome back to the new home of Personal Finance in Ireland, where we share insights which we hope help you...

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14th January 2019

Should I Invest Now Or Wait For A Crash? Blog 97

Invest now or wait? Hi, and welcome back to Ireland’s #1 personal finance blog. This week we are exploring quite...

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7th January 2019

Best Ways To Get Independent Financial Advice In Ireland? Blog 96

Who really offers truly Independent Financial Advice in Ireland? Central Bank of Ireland are changing the rules, and I hope...

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10th December 2018

Blog95: A Wolf In Sheep-Clothing

Welcome back to Ireland’s independent & award winning Financial Planning Blog & Podcast. We don’t claim to be perfect but...

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Entrepreneur Relief Ireland
3rd December 2018

Blog94: Is ‘Entrepreneur Relief’ Any Use To Me??

Welcome back to Ireland’s award winning & straight-talking finance blog & podcast, where we are on a mission to share...

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26th November 2018

Blog93: Congregation2018: Beware The Lizard-Brain

Welcome back to Ireland’s award-winning Finance Blog where we are on a mission to share ideas that will have a...

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19th November 2018

Blog92: Should I Join My Company’s Pension Scheme?

It was in conversation with a friend recently, who has just started working for a new company, that I was...

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12th November 2018

Blog91: Ways To Beat Sequence-Risk….Possibly!

BlackRock Investment Managers conduct an annual piece of research (in the US) of around 30,000 individuals and get their sentiment...

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11th November 2018

ARF Investment Risks. Sequence Risk. Blog 90

ARF investment risks are alive and well, and sequence risk is the single deadliest ARF-killer! We are not talking about...

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22nd October 2018

Blog89: Procrastinate Later…..

‘I’m not a procrastinator, I just prefer doing everything in a dead-line induced panic!’……Honest words shared with me by an...

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15th October 2018

Blog88: ‘Budgety McBudget-Face’ 2019

In 2016 The Natural Environment Research Council in the UK invited the public to name their latest scientific research vessel,...

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