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Inflation and the Impact on Your Retirement Investment blog251

20th May 2024

Today, we’re tackling a topic that’s been heavily addressed already, inflation – but in the context of how inflation impacts...

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4th January 2017

Blog #16: How Can I Take My Pension?…..Cakified, Part 2!

Happy New Year! It’s Officially 2017, and I genuinely wish you every success in whatever you are aiming for in...

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1st January 2017

Blog #15- How Can I Take My Pension?………..Cakified!

Hey, We are almost at the very end of 2016, much like all the years before it there was lots...

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9th November 2016

Blog #14 – How to Avoid The #1 Investment Mistake We Make

Hi, Thanks for taking the time to click through and read this Blog, I can guarantee that it will have...

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24th October 2016

Blog #13 – Don’t invest your money in pensions, buy sheep instead!

I am very fortunate to have plenty of friends, and lots of acquaintances. I really consider this one of the...

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21st September 2016

Blog #12- Four Common Money Mistakes Which Make Us Poor (& how to avoid them!)

Hey All, I love writing this blog, I really do. When people reach out to say that ‘this blog’...

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26th August 2016

Blog #11- Should I Overpay My Mortgage? Hell Yeah!

Hi All, Thanks a mill for checking out this latest blog. I’m not sure about you guys but spare keys...

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13th August 2016

God Give Me Patience, But I Want It Right Feckin’ Now!

God Give Me Patience, But I Want it Right Feckin’ Now Those were the word on a tongue-in-cheek wall plaque...

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6th August 2016

Blog #8 – Magic Money Mushrooming….(in 3 minutes, I think!)

  Hello there and welcome to Episode 8 of the Blog. Heading for double figures, will we make it...

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1st August 2016

Blog #7: The Cold Hard Facts of Compound Interest (2 minutes, cold!)

It’s 7am on a Bank Holiday Monday here in Ireland. I’m sitting in the back garden with the sun coming...

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23rd July 2016

Blog#6- This will change your life…..(in 2 minutes, only 2 minutes!)

Hi there, Thanks for tuning in to week 6, hard to believe where the time is going, it’s flying! A...

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13th July 2016

Please UnSubscribe………! (in 4 minutes)

Hi all, The title above could be misleading, I’m obviously not asking you to unsubscribe from your helpful weekly updates...

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8th July 2016

Blog #4 – How to be a financially agile Squirrel! ( 4.5 minutes)

Hey there, and thanks for reading our 4th Blog. Assuming you aren’t squeamish about squirrels you are still with me!...

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