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What We Need From Financial Advisors. Blog 223

29th May 2023

What we need from financial advisors? Like any individual in any profession, every Financial Advisor will have different strengths and...

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What We Need From Financial Advisors
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8th April 2019

Blog108: Beware This Killer Bias

This week I share a short (but hopefully valuable) piece to raise awareness of something that impacts us all and...

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1st April 2019

Blog107: Diversification Vs Asset Allocation…..

This week we are going to explore two concepts, ‘Diversification’ and ‘Asset Allocation’ which can have significant impact on investment...

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25th March 2019

Blog 106: The Best Way To Invest €500,000??

If I come across another ‘Best Investments For 2019’ or ‘Best place to invest €100,000’ article I will lose the...

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18th March 2019

Blog105: Why We Are Rubbish At Investing

Investors are said to achieve far less in returns than the markets in which they invest. How is that possible...

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11th March 2019

Blog104: Retirement Relief In Ireland?

Welcome back! ‘Relief’ is an interesting word. If we were to tell someone that we are going to ‘relieve myself’...

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4th March 2019

Blog103: What If My Funds Don’t Perform….?

Hope all is well?! Last week we shared some ideas on the best way to accumulate €1m, and whether a...

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25th February 2019

Invest in a Pension or Save in a Bank Account!? Blog 102

Invest in a Pension or Save in a Bank Account!? Last week I shared some ideas about the value (or...

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18th February 2019

Blog101: Are Irish Pensions A Waste Of Your Time & Money…..

The title of this piece may seem overly alarmist, however it is my firm belief that most Irish Pensions that...

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13th February 2019

How To Invest An Inheritance? Blog 100

‘What should I do with an inheritance’ or ‘How to invest an inheritance’ are questions we might never hope to...

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4th February 2019

Annual Declines Of -13.9%….Blog 99

Welcome back to the new home of Personal Finance in Ireland, where we share insights which we hope help you...

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14th January 2019

Should I Invest Now Or Wait For A Crash? Blog 97

Invest now or wait? Hi, and welcome back to Ireland’s #1 personal finance blog. This week we are exploring quite...

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7th January 2019

Best Ways To Get Independent Financial Advice In Ireland? Blog 96

Who really offers truly Independent Financial Advice in Ireland? Central Bank of Ireland are changing the rules, and I hope...

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