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Informed Decisions 2022 Highlights – Top 10 Podcasts You May Have Missed

2nd January 2023

Paddy Delaney

Informed Decisions 2022 Highlights – Top 10 Podcasts You May Have Missed

Happy New Year, and we wish that 2023 is a great one for you!

2022 was certainly a wild ride with volatile markets, inflation, and big pension changes. These times are expected and temporary. We talk more about this in our Public Service Announcement blog. Remember, this too shall pass.

To look back at 2022, we compiled a list of the year’s top 10 podcasts and blogs that you may have missed.

Thank you for your support over the past year. We are looking forward to sharing more with you in the year ahead!

Top 10 Podcasts of 2022

1. Living a Life Without Regrets with Jordan Grumet #242

Paddy talks to Jordan Grumet, a.k.a. Doc G. Jordan is a Hospice doctor who found a passion for personal finance, public speaking, and finding purpose in life.

2. Escaping Full Time Employment With William Lacey – 5 Part Series

In this series, we talk with William about his journey as he transitions away from full time work, covering his insights, worries, challenges, and results.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

3. Investing In The Character Of CEOs With Dan Cooper #244

Dan Cooper, CEO of ROC Investments, talks about investing, guided by the character of the CEOs of large corporations and his goal to drive positive changes within corporations.

4. Living Your Best Life, With CEO of Lumiant, Santi Burridge #239

Paddy met Santi Burridge at the Future Proof Festival in September 2022. Santi is the CEO of Lumiant. We talk about what this impactful company is doing and the non-financial spouse.

5. The 6 Most Important Retirement Decision Factors #237 

Deciding to retire is a time of questions, concerns, excitement, and planning. In this episode, we talk about the most important factors to consider when making your decision.

6. Investing Your Retirement Lump Sum: Top 3 Considerations #236

Most will have the option of taking a retirement tax free lump sum, but what do you do with it then, and is it the right choice for you? Here we discuss three considerations that you should think about.

7. The Final Years of Employment: Preparing For Retirement With Roger Whitney #234 

In this episode, Paddy talks to The Retirement Answer Man, Roger Whitney, about preparing for retirement and leaving both a financial and non-financial legacy. 

8. 4 Smart Ways to Gift to Adult Children! #227 

Considering gifting to adult children raises concerns for parents. But if you find you have a large amount of assets, it is a challenge you will need to consider. In this episode, we talk about 4 smart ways to do this.

9. Steps To Take In The Years Before Retirement with Fritz Gilbert #223 

Fritz Gilbert is an award winning blogger who shares his journey to retirement and what he’s learned along the way, both financial and non-financial.

10. Cop Yourself On & Get Financially Prepared For A Seismic Event Of A Non-Topical Variety, with Nick McGowan! #217 

Nick and Paddy talk about important things we all need to prepare for but that we often neglect to give enough thought to.

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