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A Guide to Gifting €2m To Your Family, Tax Free! Blog236

27th November 2023

Gifting tax free to family, even large sums such as €2m. At first glance, this seems impossible and/or undesirable but...

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Tax Free Gifting To Family Ireland
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8th November 2021

ESG Investing in Ireland – Theory Vs Practice – Blog 189

As with most things in Financial Services in Ireland, (Environmental, Social & Governance) ESG Investing in Ireland is one that...

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1st November 2021

The Biggest Surprises In Retirement – Blog 188

This week I share some interesting research and insights on how to prepare for the biggest surprises in Retirement, both...

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Investment Funds in Ireland
25th October 2021

Bad Investment Funds in Ireland & What To Do About It. Blog 187

Thanks for having a look at our Blog this week about bad investment funds in Ireland, it promises to be...

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27th September 2021

How To Prepare Your Pension For The Next Big Crash. Blog 186

It’s coming, and it’s going to be a whopper! I’m not being dramatic here, just stating fact. It’s not because...

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13th September 2021

Good on the outside & Rotten on the inside Blog 185

Some collective thoughts this week – perhaps naive of me, but I hope something resonates with you & gets you...

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Financial Pillars
13th September 2021

Your ‘Funky Financial Framework’ – Blog 184

This piece will be helpful to you if you have any of the following emotions/concerns in regards your personal finances:...

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6th September 2021

Ireland’s Investing Dangerous Middle. Blog 183

If you pick middle of the road or what might be conventionally referred to as ‘Medium Risk’ portfolios or funds...

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Investment Platforms in Ireland
30th August 2021

Investment Platforms in Ireland, Losses Loom Larger Than Gains – Blog 182

Compared to other nations, investment platforms in Ireland are in their infancy. Some say that we are such a small...

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Consolidate My Pensions Or Not
9th August 2021

Consolidate Old Pensions, Or Not? Blog 181

This week we again tear into a question from a listener to the Informed Decisions Podcast, and it is one...

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26th July 2021

There’s A Hole In The Bucket, Dear Liza. Blog 180

‘There’s a Hole In The Bucket Dear Liza’ was a song my grandmother used to sing to my cousin Liza...

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28th June 2021

What Happens My Pension When I Die? Blog 179

Well how cheery a topic is that; but knowing ‘what happens my pension when I die’ is a pretty incredibly...

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Blog 178
22nd June 2021

Accumulating or Distributing Investments? Blog 178

Welcome to this weeks’ short but hopefully very useful piece! We were talking about dividends recently, and that prompted some...

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