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A Guide to Gifting €2m To Your Family, Tax Free! Blog236

27th November 2023

Gifting tax free to family, even large sums such as €2m. At first glance, this seems impossible and/or undesirable but...

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Tax Free Gifting To Family Ireland
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21st May 2018

Blog73: My Biggest Investment Lesson, So Far!

It is Blog 73, and it is my very first Blog as a self employed individual! In the 2 years...

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20th May 2018

Blog71: Just Start…..Please!

This week we are trying to share a simple message, an appeal to you, one which we hope will help...

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Move Company Pension to PRSAs
7th May 2018

Blog 70: Small Cap Investing…….When Small Is Big!

Welcome back to Informed Decisions, Ireland’s only dedicated Financial Planning Blog & Podcast. Hope you are winning! When it comes...

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30th April 2018

Buying Your First Home……The Pitfalls

We don’t ever go out of our way to be pessimistic on this blog, in fact we tend to be...

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23rd April 2018

Blog69: Should I Invest In Gold

“Gold gets dug out of the ground in Africa or someplace. Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury...

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9th April 2018

Blog68- A Last Resort……Section 72 Plans

In Blog 61 we mentioned Section 72 plans and said the following….These are creations of the Financial Services industry endorsed...

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2nd April 2018

Blog67- Optimism Is The Way When Investing……..(Sunday Times Article)

Hi, and welcome back to the latest edition of Informed Decisions Financial Planning Blog & Podcast! This week we are...

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19th March 2018

Blog66: Reader’s Question…..How To Save For A Deposit Over 5 Years??

Recently we had a few questions from people who were saving for deposits for their first homes. This week we...

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12th March 2018

Blog65- Feedback & Presents!

Hope you are all safe and well after Storm Emma. As a result of my own gallivanting in the snow...

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5th March 2018

Blog64- The Risk Of Deposit Accounts….Losing Power

It is fierce common lately to hear the financial industry give out about the rates of interest available through bank...

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12th February 2018

Blog63- How To Inherit A House & Pay No Tax…….!

A couple of weeks ago we saw how our fictitious characters Johnny & Sheena were landed with an inheritance bill of...

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5th February 2018

Blog62- What Should I Do With A Salary Raise?!

According to Central Statistics Office the average salary in Ireland (2016) of a full-time employee was a ‘grocery-shop’ more than...

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