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What We Need From Financial Advisors. Blog 223

29th May 2023

What we need from financial advisors? Like any individual in any profession, every Financial Advisor will have different strengths and...

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What We Need From Financial Advisors
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2nd October 2017

Blog #48- Building a Core-Satellite Investment Portfolio

While it might sound a little like a project to build the next NASA space-rocket this is a fairly simple...

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25th September 2017

Blog #47- The Impact Of Time On Your Investment……Tick Tock!

It is the first thing people ask when they hear you work in the space of helping people manage money…..’What...

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18th September 2017

Blog #46- “Waiting For Armageddon” – Buy A House Now Or Wait For The Crash??

There are many many people today in Ireland pining for their own home, looking to get onto the property ladder,...

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10th September 2017

Investment & Pension Fees in Ireland – Shark Warning – Blog 45

What are Investment & Pension Fees in Ireland? You’ve come to the right article to find out! If you swim...

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28th August 2017

Blog #44- Making Sure You Get To New York (Managing Investment Risk!)

Hey! In a recent blog we took a look at the big 6 risks which exist when it comes to...

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21st August 2017

Blog#43- Is This The Best Mortgage Ever….??

Hey all, in this blog we will aim to share insights on the very best mortgage that you can get,...

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7th August 2017

How ETFs Are Taxed Vs Shares & Retail Products – Blog 42

How are ETFs Taxed? This week we follow-up on our promise to share with you how investments and ETFs are...

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Investment Returns 2021
31st July 2017

Blog #41- The Danger Of Trivial Pensions……

Central Statistics Office reported recently that 47% of men in Ireland have some form of pension, and 46% of females...

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26th July 2017

Blog #40- Why Most Financial Plans Are Absolute Faff…….

We are not writing or dictionary aficionados here but the noun Faff has been defined by the Oxford Dictionary as...

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17th July 2017

Blog #39- Should I Be Investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)??

This time around we are taking a look under the bonnet of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in Ireland and determining...

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10th July 2017

Blog #38- Noah’s ARF…..The Biblical Retirement Fund

Welcome to the episode which will hopefully finally banish any confusion about ARFs, or do I mean ARKs!?…… Apparently Noah’s...

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26th June 2017

Blog #37- PCP….A Drug or A Lease Agreement?!

PCP (‘Phencyclidine’ – not sure how that is pronounced!) was introduced in the 1950’s as an anesthetic but was shelved...

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