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Should I Go All-In On The S&P500? Blog 242

19th February 2024

What is the risk of investing only in the S&P 500? What particular considerations do you need if investing for...

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21st August 2017

Blog#43- Is This The Best Mortgage Ever….??

Hey all, in this blog we will aim to share insights on the very best mortgage that you can get,...

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7th August 2017

How ETFs Are Taxed Vs Shares & Retail Products – Blog 42

How are ETFs Taxed? This week we follow-up on our promise to share with you how investments and ETFs are...

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Investment Returns 2021
31st July 2017

Blog #41- The Danger Of Trivial Pensions……

Central Statistics Office reported recently that 47% of men in Ireland have some form of pension, and 46% of females...

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26th July 2017

Blog #40- Why Most Financial Plans Are Absolute Faff…….

We are not writing or dictionary aficionados here but the noun Faff has been defined by the Oxford Dictionary as...

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17th July 2017

Blog #39- Should I Be Investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)??

This time around we are taking a look under the bonnet of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in Ireland and determining...

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10th July 2017

Blog #38- Noah’s ARF…..The Biblical Retirement Fund

Welcome to the episode which will hopefully finally banish any confusion about ARFs, or do I mean ARKs!?…… Apparently Noah’s...

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26th June 2017

Blog #37- PCP….A Drug or A Lease Agreement?!

PCP (‘Phencyclidine’ – not sure how that is pronounced!) was introduced in the 1950’s as an anesthetic but was shelved...

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12th June 2017

Blog #36- What is The Difference Between Volatility And Risk in Investing??

Last week we explored what will happen when the next crash comes……and importantly how we will react. It is the...

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6th June 2017

Blog #35- The Crash is Coming……Run For Your Lives!

Regular readers & listeners will by now know that Informed Decisions isn’t in the space of trying to predict the...

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29th May 2017

Blog #34- The Problem With Bloody Life Cover!

We were entirely humbled to have been contacted by the Irish Times a few weeks ago and asked for our...

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15th May 2017

Is It Profitable Being A Landlord??……..The Maths! Blog 33

Is it profitable being a landlord? Let’s see! Apparently 66% of the 70,000 ‘landlords’ in Ireland own 1 investment property....

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8th May 2017

Blog #32- Teaching Our Kids About Money

Money is not the be all and end all…..most of us appreciate that there is more to life and more...

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