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12 Signs It’s Time To Retire – Close But No Cigar!? Blog 218

13th March 2023

This week we share 12 clear signs it’s time to retire from your full-time job. Perhaps it is to start...

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Signs it's time to retire
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23rd July 2016

Blog#6- This will change your life…..(in 2 minutes, only 2 minutes!)

Hi there, Thanks for tuning in to week 6, hard to believe where the time is going, it’s flying! A...

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13th July 2016

Please UnSubscribe………! (in 4 minutes)

Hi all, The title above could be misleading, I’m obviously not asking you to unsubscribe from your helpful weekly updates...

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8th July 2016

Blog #4 – How to be a financially agile Squirrel! ( 4.5 minutes)

Hey there, and thanks for reading our 4th Blog. Assuming you aren’t squeamish about squirrels you are still with me!...

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1st July 2016

Blog# 3- Basic Stepping-Stones to Managing Your Finances (3-Minutes to read)

“Would I like to bring my wife out to dinner??”…………………..more on this a little later! Over the next number of...

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25th June 2016

Blog #2 How’s your Cash-Tree?

Hi, The time has come to ask the BIG Question in regards your finances, the very foundation of it all…….What...

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11th May 2016

Blog #1 What is this blog about, and why should I bother reading it!?

Hi! Welcome to the very first official Blog post from, with me, Paddy Delaney! Firstly, to hear a bit...

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