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What We Need From Financial Advisors. Blog 223

29th May 2023

What we need from financial advisors? Like any individual in any profession, every Financial Advisor will have different strengths and...

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What We Need From Financial Advisors
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12th June 2017

Blog #36- What is The Difference Between Volatility And Risk in Investing??

Last week we explored what will happen when the next crash comes……and importantly how we will react. It is the...

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6th June 2017

Blog #35- The Crash is Coming……Run For Your Lives!

Regular readers & listeners will by now know that Informed Decisions isn’t in the space of trying to predict the...

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29th May 2017

Blog #34- The Problem With Bloody Life Cover!

We were entirely humbled to have been contacted by the Irish Times a few weeks ago and asked for our...

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15th May 2017

Is It Profitable Being A Landlord??……..The Maths! Blog 33

Is it profitable being a landlord? Let’s see! Apparently 66% of the 70,000 ‘landlords’ in Ireland own 1 investment property....

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8th May 2017

Blog #32- Teaching Our Kids About Money

Money is not the be all and end all…..most of us appreciate that there is more to life and more...

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1st May 2017

Blog #31- Help! My Defined Benefit Pension Scheme Is Closing….

Most ‘normal people’ out there (with the exception of financial nerds & indeed yours truly until I started working in...

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24th April 2017

Blog #30- The 6 Risks & How To Manage Them

Risk. The Oxford Dictionary defines risk as ‘the possibility of something unpleasant or unwelcoming happening’! It is therefore not a...

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17th April 2017

Blog #29-Taxation For Married Couples & Civil Partners in Ireland…..What’s Love Got To Do With It!?

Some of us (yours truly included!) have been accused in the past of putting remuneration before romance! As if!! Many...

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10th April 2017

Blog # 28- All About Income Tax & What We Can Do To Manage It!

Hey, I’ll be brutally honest, my head spins when I need to focus on the tax system, it is a...

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3rd April 2017

Blog #27- Do I Need Financial Advice?? Probably Not, You Just Need To Do This….

In this blog I am going to open the can on Financial Advice full stop! I am going to outline...

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27th March 2017

Blog #26- A Very Special Interview & Our Annual Survey Results…..

Welcome to the latest blog post in Ireland’s only dedicated resource on Financial Planning for investors and pension holders. In...

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6th March 2017

Blog #24- Saving For My Children’s Education? Part 1 of 2 (Not Just For Parents!)

Hey, Welcome to this, the BIG ONE! Many of us are in the space of considering how best we fund...

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