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Larry Fink & My Granny’s Kitchen #295

22nd April 2024

Paddy Delaney

Larry Fink Investor Letter

In this week’s podcast, I talk about Larry Fink, Warren Buffet, and my granny’s kitchen.

Larry Fink is renowned for his role as the CEO of BlackRock, one of the world’s largest investment management firms. Much like Warren Buffett, Fink has earned a reputation as a visionary in the world of finance, leveraging his expertise to advocate for long-term investment strategies and the power of capital markets to drive economic growth. 

While it might be considered by some as a ‘poor cousin’ of the Berskshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting, Fink publishes an annual letter that gets little coverage but does contain some interesting ideas and reflections on markets, investing and life.

Hope you find it interesting.



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