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Living Your Best Life, With CEO of Lumiant, Santi Burridge Podcast #239

26th September 2022

Paddy Delaney

This week, I’m bringing you an interview with Santi Burridge, who is the CEO of what’s going to be a very impactful company, I believe in the world of financial planning and financial advice. I met and interviewed Santi at the Future Proof Festival two weeks ago in Los Angeles.

Santi is a great guest, full of energy and who is driving forward. He is here to share what they’re doing with Lumiant by bringing value based financial advice to the world and ultimately helping people to live their best life. 

He also talks about what has happened to financial advice in general in Australia, which has followed a similar track to the UK and America. And probably a tract that Ireland is heading down in the future. 

We also speak about the non-financial spouse. Those people who quite often get left behind by financial advisors and why they are people that we need to engage.

I hope you enjoy the conversation. 


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