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Paddy Delaney
latest Podcast

Inflation On Your Pension Assets #298

20th May 2024

In this week’s podcast I tackle a topic that’s been heavily addressed already, inflation – but in the context of what...

15th May 2017

Podcast #36: Is It Profitable Being a Landlord?

Apparently 66% of the 70,000 ‘landlords’ in Ireland own 1 investment property. Surely you don’t want to look a gift...

8th May 2017

Podcast #35: Teaching Our ‘Kids’ About Money

We all know that money is not the be all and end all…..most of us appreciate that there is more...

1st May 2017

Podcast #34: Help, My Defined Benefit Pension Scheme is Closing!

Hi All, In this episode we empathise whole-heartedly, then delve and explore the options available to the many many thousands...

24th April 2017

Podcast #33: The 6 Big Risks & What To Do About Them….USA Style!

Risk. The Oxford Dictionary defines risk as ‘the possibility of something unpleasant or unwelcoming happening’! It is therefore not a...

21st April 2017

Podcast #32: Minimise Tax For Married Couples & Civil Partners in Ireland…..What’s Love Got To Do With It!?

10th April 2017

Podcast #31: All About Income Tax & What We Can Do About It

Welcome to Episode 31 of The Informed Decisions Financial Planning Podcast. I must admit that this Podcast Episode took all...

3rd April 2017

Podcast #30: Why You Don’t Need Financial Advice…..You Need This!

Welcome to Episode 30 of The Informed Decisions Financial Planning Podcast. In this episode I am going to open the...

27th March 2017

Podcast #29: Behavioural Finance (Part 2) with Dr. Daniel Crosby (& Our Annual Survey Results!)

Welcome to the latest Podcast in Ireland’s only dedicated resource on Financial Planning for investors and pension holders in Ireland....

20th March 2017

Podcast #28: New York Times Best Seller- Dr. Daniel Crosby on ‘The Laws of Wealth’ (Part1)

It is not too often that we get to speak to a New York Times Best Seller in this Industry,...

13th March 2017

Podcast #27: Saving For My Kids Education in Ireland…Part 2 (Not Just For Parents!)

In this episode Paddy follows up on last week’s show and shares the main ways of saving for education. Importantly...

6th March 2017

Podcast #26: Saving For My Children’s Education? Part 1 of 2 (Not Just For Parents!)

In this episode Paddy shares the main costs of education so you can begin planning, but importantly will open your...

27th February 2017

Podcast #25: How To Destroy That Credit Card Balance, Quickly!

Hi, Welcome Back! It was in my ‘schedule of topics to blog about’ and it seems it is timely as...

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