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Paddy Delaney
latest Podcast

Inflation On Your Pension Assets #298

20th May 2024

In this week’s podcast I tackle a topic that’s been heavily addressed already, inflation – but in the context of what...

7th August 2017

Podcast #48: How ETFs Are Taxed Versus Shares & Retail Investments

Hey, welcome to the latest Episode……This week we follow-up on our promise to share with you guys how ETFs are...

31st July 2017

Podcast #47: The Dangers Of Trivial Pensions……And How To Avoid Them!

When It Comes To Pension Planning We Will Get Our Just Deserts: Deserts is apparently the plural of ‘desert’ which...

24th July 2017

Podcast #46: Why Most Financial Plans Are Absolute Faff!

The noun Faff has been defined by the Oxford Dictionary as ‘A great deal of ineffectual activity’…….most financial plans are...

17th July 2017

Podcast #45: Investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)…The Facts

Hey, and welcome to another episode of Informed Decisions Financial Planning podcast here in Ireland. If you have ever asked...

10th July 2017

Podcast #44: Noah’s ARF…..A Biblical Retirement Fund!

Hopefully this is the episode that will give you some insights on the mystery that is ARFs, or do I...

2nd July 2017

Podcast #43: Breaking The Banks…The Brett King Interview

Needless to say it is a bit of a coup to have a Fintech Legend that has 9 million monthly...

26th June 2017

Podcast #42: PCP Finance…A Drug or A Car Finance Product?!

PCP (‘Phencyclidine’ – not sure how that is pronounced!) was introduced in the 1950’s as an anesthetic but was shelved...

19th June 2017

Podcast #41: Interview with Stephen Browne – CashFlow Forecasting Tools

Welcome to Episode #41 of the Informed Decisions Financial Planning Podcast, still the only dedicated Podcast of it’s type here...

12th June 2017

Podcast #40: What is The Difference Between Volatility And Risk in Investing??

Last week we explored what will happen when the next crash comes……and importantly how we will react. It is the...

6th June 2017

Podcast #39: The Crash is Coming……..What Will You Do!?

Regular readers & listeners will by now know that Informed Decisions isn’t in the space of trying to predict the...

29th May 2017

Podcast #38: The Problem With Bloody Life Cover!

We were humbled to have been contacted by the Irish Times a few weeks ago and asked for our opinion...

22nd May 2017

Podcast #37: The Emerging Science of Positive Psychology with Dr. Jolanta Burke

Many of us have heard of psychology, many of us have heard of positivity, yet not many of us have...

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