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The Final Years of Employment: Preparing For Retirement With Roger Whitney #234

8th August 2022

Paddy Delaney

How are you doing, hope life is good. We have a very enthused, knowledgeable, and contagious personality on the podcast this week. Roger Whitney. 

He is The Retirement Answer Man in the US. Podcaster, blogger, financial advisor, community organsier head; he’s a ball of energy. 

And he has some great ideas to share with us in this episode. With Roger, you’re going to hear about all sorts of preparations for retirement. 

You’re going to hear about a thing called that ‘Tart Cake’, which is a new concept we created in our conversation. You’re going to hear about his book recommendation. 

His investment philosophy. His approach to leaving both a financial and a non-financial legacy and how to successfully retire.

So we cover quite a bit of ground in this episode, and Roger could talk for days on this one. 

Roger Whitney has been a Certified Financial Planner for more than 25 years. And he really is on a mission to help people live well today without sacrificing tomorrow, as he puts it. 

Roger’s book recommendations:

 Top 5 Regrets of The Dying

Necessary Endings by Dr Henry Cloud 

Roger’s website: The Retirement Answer Man

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