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Podcast #30: Why You Don’t Need Financial Advice…..You Need This!

3rd April 2017

Paddy Delaney

Welcome to Episode 30 of The Informed Decisions Financial Planning Podcast.

In this episode I am going to open the can on Financial Advice full stop! I am going to outline why you don’t need any initially, and how you can help yourself.

For the past 2 weeks our Podcast featured Dr. Daniel Crosby and discussed how we can enable ourselves to make more informed money decisions. One of his key principles was that ‘we cant do this alone’. In this he outlined that all the research goes to support the idea that as investors we will do a lot better if we have the guidance of a competent financial advisor/coach. This point also related to the management of ones funds.

However on this show we are also conscious that a lot of us won’t yet have accumulated large assets/investments, and that is who we are supporting in this weeks’ episode.

You can check out the full written version of this show here.

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You’re a legend!

Paddy Delaney

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