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Podcast #22: WeSavvy CEO & Founder Hesus Inoma – The Future of Our Insurances

6th February 2017

Paddy Delaney


Delighted to have sat down with influential insurance ‘evangelist’, Hesus Inoma. Hesus is founder & CEO of WeSavvy, a Dublin-based start-up in the process of reshaping how we engage and manage our insurances.

If you have ever gotten a Health, Home or Motor Insurance renewal letter in the post or via email you will know it is not always the most rewarding experience!

WeSavvy is working to forge the future of how consumers interact with their Insurances, get rewarded and essentially earn cash-back by living healthy life-styles.

Thanks to Hesus for his time and sharing what he sees as the future of Insurance across the globe.

Thanks to you too for tuning-in!

Paddy Delaney.

You can join the WeSavvy movement at


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