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Informed Decisions exists to offer something of real value, something that does not already exist and something that will have a positive and lasting difference in Financial Planning in Ireland - Paddy Delaney

Paddy Delaney

I believe that the financial service Industry has it all wrong; it focuses on selling products, often at the expense of individual clients. I am trying to shift that focus back to the individual.

Following almost two decades of experience working in various Financial Planning roles I decided that I needed to take action, to try and inch the world forward. Despite the usual fears and concerns I took a calculated decision to leave a job I thoroughly enjoyed, which paid the mortgage and put food on our table.

You could say that Informed Decisions has become a passion and something that motivates me and gives me a huge purpose. The fact that clients get huge value from our relationships, and constantly refer me to their peers says a lot about how well it has been received. I am hugely grateful for the opportunity.

I love what I do, and I hope that it shows.

I was very deliberate in being totally independent in what I do, and remain as unbiased as possible (for one with strong views on all this stuff!). I deliberately have no sponsorship, affiliations or any links that might inhibit my freedom of speech, my recommendations, or in my interactions with clients.

From a very young age I had always had a desire to thread my own path, to travel the road less travelled. Working in various odd-jobs as a young boy in East Meath. Working at weekends through secondary and third level education I learned the value of money, and of looking after your financial affairs. This was as good an education as I could have asked for.


  • Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA) 2005 - Present
  • Qualified Retirement Planning Advisor (RPA) 2009 - Present
  • Qualified Personal General Insurance (APA) 2011 - Present
  • Master-Trainer 2012 - Present
  • Qualified Executive Coach 2016 - Present
  • Covey Leadership Facilitator 2017 – Present
  • Kinder Life Financial Planning 2019 - On-going


Supporting others has always been an important thing for me. When establishing Informed Decisions I set a goal to donate an amount each year to charity. My intent is to donate an amount that will make a decent impact for the chosen charity. Last year we were able to support ‘Remember Us’ in Balbriggan, who do phenomenal work in providing activities and supports to people with special needs, and their families in the North East. They used it to help fit-out a sensory room for their members.

Paddy (and sons) present a cheque to the volunteers of SOSAD Drogheda December 2019
December 2019, Paddy (&Sons!) deliver a donation to SOSAD Ireland, who promote suicide prevention and awareness and supports for those who are bereaved


While it might sound a little cheesy, being present and experiencing adventures with my wife and 3 kids is the other major aspect of my life that gives me great sense of satisfaction. While we could always do more we try to take at least 1 adventure each month, whether that is a weekend camping, a short holiday, or a trip to our local beach!

Many of the clients that I work with have similar goals, seek to live a life of meaning, to pursue adventures, and to have financial peace of mind for the journey ahead... we are all in this together!

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