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Informed Decisions MasterPlan™
& Implementation

If you are looking for clarity and independent guidance on major financial decisions, this first step will be perfect solution to your problems.

Clients benefit from our guidance & support over the long term. The MasterPlan™ will be a good fit if there is a strong probability (& value to you) in us subsequently working together on an on-going basis.


As one of the only Irish Ambassadors of the international volunteer movement ‘Transparency Task Force’ I campaign for fair and transparent fees for investors.

In my work with advisors I encouragethem to focus on the clients goals and desires, instead of products & sales. Fortunately there is a real shift under-way, it is slow but the tide is turning back in favour of the consumer, pension holders and investors of Ireland.

In 2018 a European Regulation called ‘Packed Retail Investment and Insurance Products’ (PRIIPS) came into force. This forced providers to give clarity to investors about the fees that they pay on investment products. Investors since 2018 are obliged to be given what is known as a ‘Key Investor Document’ (KID). What has been really eye-opening is that despite many clients being told that they are paying 1% to 1.5% in annual fees, these KIDs show that they are more often paying 2-2.5% in annual fees.

“A Department of Social Protection report recently found that the average annual fee for most investors is 2.2% per year, when underlying charges are included”

Your Informed Decisions MasterPlan™ (tax-deductible)

If you are looking for clarity and independent guidance on major financial decisions, this first step will be perfect solution to your problems.

what you get
  • A highly personal strategy, where you feel in control of your financial future
  • Expert analysis of your current financial structure, investments and plans
  • Detailed cash flow forecast based on where you are right now, and where you want to be in the future
  • Investment research and portfolio design to give you confidence in our decisions
  • A personally crafted strategy to protect and grow your savings & retirement income
  • Elegantly designed and proven investment and pension portfolio proposals
  • Our expertise to implement the best investment and pension structures for you on the Informed Decisions platform

Clients tell us this is one of the most worthwhile exercises they have ever done regarding their finances, ever!

The Fees

The fee for the Informed Decisions MasterPlan™ of €3,950 is a tax-deductible business expense and includes us carefully establishing your new investment and pension structures.

When you subsequently invest with us, we support you into the future via the MasterPlan™ Maintain Programme.

masterplan Maintain programme
Fin goulding

I'm time poor & distrustful of the usual financial advice channels. Since working with Paddy and Informed Decisions, I know that my future is safe with his steady hand on the tiller and therefore, I can't recommend him highly enough.

John Sherry

Working with Paddy and Informed Decisions assures us that we are doing the right things at the right times. The service we get is personal and accurate, and importantly it’s very good value for money

Many of the valued clients that benefit from the MasterPlan Maintain Programme tell us our service is in stark contrast to the 2%+ fees, lack of technical guidance, and lack of care they were experiencing before they chose to invest and be supported by Informed Decisions.
Arrange an Initial Call with Paddy in confidence and at no expense nor obligation. We’d love to hear from you.

The Difference

No Government Levy
No Exit Penalties
No Commissions
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