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Win Without Pitching With Shannyn Lee #221

19th April 2022

Paddy Delaney

Merry Easter dear listener, I hope you’re well and I hope you had copious amounts of chocolate or not as the case may be. I’m taking a bit of time out over the Easter Mid Term break to hang out with the kids, have the craic, and of course, help them eat their Easter eggs. That is my duty. That is my calling at Easter time. 

Welcome to podcast 221, which we are pre-recording. And which you are getting to listen to a bit of bonus content. Something a little bit different than the norm. It is a really interesting interview with the director of coaching from a company called Win Without Pitching. A US-based pricing strategy, value recognition, company. If that means nothing to you, bear with me and bear with this conversion.

I do believe that the concepts, and the thinking that Shannyn Lee is about to share with us in this podcast interview which was recorded in 2021, will help everyone. It was released as part of the Tribe podcast series last year. 

We’re re-releasing it to the general public today because I believe there is so much value in this for everybody. The concepts and thinking will encourage all of us to really consider our value. 

Give it the 40 minutes and let it stew in your brain. I guarantee you, if you’re open to it, it will help you in some way, shape, or form. 



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