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When To Take My Pension? #213

7th February 2022

Paddy Delaney

Aside from deciding to actually accumulate money for your post-work living, the decision about ‘when to take my pension benefit’ is the biggest financial life decision that many of us will need to make. It is akin to breaking open the cookie-jar that we have been diligently accumulating for decades. For many, it is an emotional and financial conundrum, that I hope to help with. A combination of academic research and supporting people in this phase of life has given me some insights that I share here, and which I hope will be even somewhat helpful to you. No single article can address all that needs to be considered fully but the aspects we’ll explore today in this questions of ‘when to take my pension’ are;

  • The basics of taking pension benefits
  • Tax & Income factors to consider
  • Investment/return factors to consider
  • Personal factors to consider

Hope it helps.


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