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Blog #14- When Can I Retire…..?

19th December 2016

Paddy Delaney


It’s one of those questions that many of us often consider, we possibly even have a quick look online for information, and then it fades out of mind and may be revisited in a few years!

As a result we can miss out on forming a clear plan around what age we actually want to keep working ’til. If you want to soar into the blue skies on the back of an eagle, here’s the info you need to know!

Well the answer to the question of, ‘When Can I Retire?’ is not one which I can answer for you individually without knowing much more about you. When you actually retire will be determined by your wishes, goals, circumstances, level of planning and indeed resources to sustain your desired standard of living at that time.

With that in mind what resources can you ‘rely’ on to provide for you in retirement? It may be argued that it cannot be relied on, or that you would be taking a large risk assuming it will remain at its current level but if you are retiring after 1st January 20208, the State Pension in Ireland, as of today, will kick in at 68 years of age!

Separate to the State Pension you may currently have (or will do in the future) a pension plan which you contribute to from salary a bank account. This may be either a Company Pension Scheme through work, a Personal Pension you have in your own name, or a Personal Savings Retirement Account (PRSA). These are the 3 most common forms of retirement plans individuals in this country have, outside of the State Pension scheme.

To find out when you can access them have a listen to the 20-minute podcast.

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