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The Will Rainey Interview – Kids, Their Money & Their Investing #207

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The Will Rainey Interview – Kids, Their Money & Their Investing #207

6th December 2021

Paddy Delaney



It is a sad state of affairs when we have to rely on individual authors and thinkers publishing books and articles, in order to help the youth of today to develop financial wisdom. Yet, here we are!

Despite sounding very negative, I was delighted to speak with such a thinker and author, Will Rainey (former Pensions Actuary!). In our conversations he shared his ideas on:

– Helping kids to save, spend, & importantly to invest

– Investing for younger and older children

– What he believes is the optimal approach to investing

– How he transitioned from being in ‘high finance’ in UK to moving to rural Vietnam with his family!

Hope you enjoy the chat.


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