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The Wealth of our Health!? Blog247

15th April 2024

Paddy Delaney

Something slightly off-topic this week, and something far more concise that usual. I hope it helps you.

A definition of wealth is ‘a plentiful supply of a particular desirable thing’.

Money is a desirable thing – and we put a lot of focus here on accumulating and protecting that in an efficient, stress-free and proven way. What else is desirable to most of us?


If you read the literature and the books about living a meaningful life; we’ll hear time and time again that money is important. But we’ll moreso hear that relationships and experiences are what add richness to one’s life. Whether that is relationships and experiences with family, friends or peers appears irrelevant, provided they are meaningful.

One of the most personally impactful books I ever read and implemented was ‘The Art of Deliberate Success‘ by Dr. David Keane (a Cork man living in New Zealand). I met David quite a few times after reading his book, and even facilitated a few professional workshops years ago that he had developed, helping others to use the tools his book espouses. In one sentence, the book was about getting clarity on your own priorities (not the expectations of tradition, or your family or friends!), and going after them in an accountable way.

Before taking the time to explore this, I never had a clue what my priorities were; either professionally or personally. I was just doing what we do; work, live, sleep! But after a lot of thinking and doing and figuring-out, I nailed my priorities to; live a life of learning and growth – to get our of my comfort zone – to try to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of others.

To have no regrets. That is my north star so to speak. It might sound very idealistic or ‘fluffy’ as I would have called it a few years ago! However, that helped me to decide what is or is not the right thing to do for me, my family and those that I care about.

It is a great clarifier, and motivates you during those times when one might not feel very motivated! Like anyone’s, there are lots of times when we forget to focus on our priorities (even if we know what they are), or other priorities are forced upon us, and some previous priorities fall down. That’s fine I guess, provided we can get back to basics in time.


Between looking after existing Informed Decisions clients, and a growing demand from new clients for our services, a young family and (fantastic) wife, plus moving house 3 times last year (we’re in our forever home now, never again shall I pack or unpack a house!), 2023 was a year where another of my priorities took a bit of a back-seat, my health – or more specifically, my weight.

Despite maintaining my habit of hitting the gym min 3 days per week (another priority!), I put on 10kgs in 2023. My diet was off and my energy expenditure wasn’t where it needed to be over the course of last year. Perhaps I should have moved house a few more times!

At my annual Health Check in January, the Doc told me I needed to lose that, but otherwise I was in great nick (my words not his!). It made me think about my own circumstances, if I was to not address that weight issue – where would it lead – almost certainly to a premature heart issues, potentially fatal ones.

I intend to live actively to 90, anything above that a bonus. That is unlikely if carrying more weight that I should. I intend to keep working until I can’t. I intend to be financially independent by 50; but what’s the point if I we’re not physically able to enjoy the last 40 years of life!!

I mentioned that there is now a ParkRun on the beach in Laytown Co. Meath most Saturday’s, tide dependant! Coincidentally, there were 3 individual clients of Informed Decisions at the ParkRun last weekend, all in their 50’s and all in fantastic financially and more importantly, fantastic physical shape.

I was delighted to see them at it, and smiles on all faces! That has to be the goal for most of us, right!? (I’d tell you how fast they completed it but that’d be a break of client confidentiality!).

Walk -Just Walk!

Running is good for us, but one doesn’t have to run to be healthy.

In doing some reading this year I somehow came across ‘preventative cardiologist’, Dr. Paddy Barrett’s Blog. I make no recommendation on him as a cardiologist or doctor, but the information and research he shares via his newsletter is motivating, to say the least!

Based on the research he shared in a recent newsletter, there is a very obvious inverse correlation between the number of steps you take per day and the risk of your dying!

Get at least 6,000 steps per day and you have less than half the risk as someone who only gets 2,000 steps

Get at least 10,000 steps per day and you have about a quarter the risk of someone who only gets 2,000 steps.

And it gets more interesting.

Similar research shows similar correlations between the number of steps we take each day and the following issues:

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Major Depressive Disorder
  • Gastric Reflux
  • Obesity

Our risks of these all appear to halve and quarter as our daily steps increase….

We already knew this though right – but do we consistently chip away at it?

Do we prioritise it, consistently?

There is no point in us accumulating wealth efficiently if we won’t be alive or well enough to enjoy it.

Surely that’s motivation enough for us to absolutely accumulate and protect our wealth of health.

Yours in health.




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