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The Paul Kenny Conversation – Podcast 175

20th April 2020

Paddy Delaney

Paddy chats with Ireland’s former Pensions Ombudsman, Paul Kenny. Paul remains an active member of the pension profession in Ireland. 

Among other roles and Directorships, Paul remains a Programme Leader in the Retirement Planning Council of Ireland (RPCI).

In this episode he shares his insights about the following relevant topics for many of us who are ‘Accumulating’ or indeed ‘Spending’ from our pension pots:

– Keeping track of your pensions when you move employments

– The high volume of pension pots for which the owners cannot be located

– Ensuring your Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) goes to the person you want it to, and as tax efficiently as possible

– The impact your ARF can have on your eligibility to certain Allowances

We hope it is of value, and please do spread the word with anyone you believe needs to hear what Paul has to say!

Paddy Delaney QFA RPA APA

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