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Anne Lester Your Best Financial Life: Save Smart Now for the Future You Want #287

29th January 2024

Paddy Delaney

In this week’s podcast Paddy has a fantastic chat with Anne Lester.
Anne Lester is a retirement expert, author, media commentator, top-rated speaker and former Head of Retirement Solutions for JPMorgan Asset Management, where she worked almost 30 years. In 2020, Anne was recognized for her extraordinary lifetime contributions to Americans’ economic security with the prestigious Ray Lillywhite Award.
Anne, like Paddy is on a mission, her mission is to help rising leaders to retire on their time and target.
Key topics
  • Financial planning
  • Anne’s journey
  • How and why she wrote a book
  • How and why she didn’t lead by example all her life
  • Key things she recommends people can do to rewire and rethink how they go about their own money management
Anne’s book: Your Best Financial Life: Save Smart Now for the Future You Want is set to be released on 12 March, 2024.
@savesmartwanne on Instagram 
Hope it helps.

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