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Podcast96: Planning for company directors in Ireland….Party-Time!

16th July 2018

Paddy Delaney

Welcome back to Ireland’s award winning Finance Blog & Podcast. Delighted you have joined us! Our mission is to help people avoid mistakes and help themselves to live successful financial lives. Our big aim is to ultimately change how financial advice is done here in Ireland, to put the focus back on what you want to achieve, not the products that only really serve as the tools to enable you to do it!

This week we are exploring a much-covered topic. It has not been much-covered by us but if you google ‘Director’s Pensions Ireland’ you will see 3.9million results, and every single one of them is trying to flog you one! However we are not talking about the pensions themselves here today, we are talking about the much more important aspect of all of this and focusing on the ‘planning’ aspect, the bit is (or at least should be) central and should come before the ‘product’ (pension!). We will compare the stories of 2 fictitious brothers, who have very different approaches to life, and who go about planning in 2 very different ways……………full blog here.

Paddy Delaney

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