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Podcast94: Growth Or Value Investing, Which Is Best??

2nd July 2018

Paddy Delaney

Growth and Value Investing are both around a long time as an ‘investment strategy’, and there are compelling rationale for investing in either, there are many fans of both, yet there is also quite a lot of regular investors that have no real familiarity with either. We aim to fix that even if ever-so-slightly in this episode. We will endeavor to explain a few key things about this ‘earth-moving’ topic……!

1) What is Value Investing?
2) What is Growth Investing?
3) Who does either or both?
4) Which has given greatest level of return? (that’s all anyone really cares about right!?)
5) Which one should I do??

Before we get into the nitty-gritty however I wish to let you know that I am thrilled that you are reading this, you obviously have an interest in your own finances and in making some good decisions when it comes to your money, which I admire greatly. I would personally be very thankful if you would tell a friend about what we are trying to do here at Informed Decisions, who knows, it might help them help themselves!


Paddy Delaney

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