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Podcast90: Should I Own Bonds? A 3-Portfolio Study

4th June 2018

Paddy Delaney

For decades Bonds have been touted as the elixir to an investors’ nervous tendencies when investments hit volatility. If you look hard enough it will become clear that the only rationale for having Bonds in your investment portfolio is to help you cope when the market tanks again. Whether it is an existing pension fund or a personal investment you have then you may already have a shed-load of Bonds in there, and you may be very wise in doing so, or not! We conduct a study of 3 very different Portfolios to determine the impact having Bonds in an investment portfolio has, whether times are good or whether times are bad!

We do not react to markets here, we do not run with the topical ‘noise’ that is flaunted on media, all of that is just noise, and you as an investor would be well advised to ignore it all and stick to your plan. The fact that market volatility has been mentioned in the past week is merely a coincidence, this episode was being created now, irrespective of the noise!

If you are new here then you are indeed most welcome to Ireland’s dedicated Financial Planning Podcast & Blog. We are not perfect by any means, but we are brutally honest and hopefully convey relatively complex stuff in a clear manner, which ultimately will hopefully help you make decisions which result in positive outcomes for you, and helps you avoid costly mistakes! To our returning readers, you know we love you!

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Paddy Delaney

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