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Podcast78: Feedback & Presents

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Podcast78: Feedback & Presents

12th March 2018

Paddy Delaney


Regular readers of the Blog and listeners of the Podcast will know that we are on somewhat of a vocation here at Informed Decisions! We are striving to help people get what they want, to take control of their own financial futures. We are not doing this for the applause (though that is nice to get it when it comes!). We are doing this to make a meaningful and positive difference in the lives of those we touch. We aim to connect meaningfully with you.

We could of course just blindly go and do whatever we think is the right thing to do here, but we feel it more worthwhile to seek your feedback, your input and your say on what would be of use to you. We are absolutely not the best in the world at all things financial, but we do try our best to create things of use to other people………….as Seth Godin might say ‘we are shipping our art’! Some will benefit and some will not. We are hoping to be of benefit to as many as we can.

So this week we have something a little different, we are asking your opinion. Long term listeners will recall that we asked something similar of you in 2017 when we asked you to complete a short survey. Almost 200 of you beautiful people duly obliged! In turn we donated a few hundred euro to Irish Cancer Society.

This year we have created a short 2-minute feedback form that we would love you to complete. Whether you are read the blog/podcast religiously or checked it out one or twice we really would value your feedback. If you have never read or listened to our stuff then it’s probably not relevant to complete the form!

So Whats In It For Me??

This year we are going to offer ?100 One4All Voucher, and we will donate ?100 to the charity of the winner’s choice. Even if you do not wish to enter the draw we would really appreciate your feedback.

How To Enter?

In order to be entered in the draw when you complete the feedback form please leave your name in the comments section of the Facebook post on the Informed Decisions Facebook page.

This way we can keep the feedback anonymous but also be able to pick a winner! If you are not on Facebook just drop me a quick mail here to let me know you have completed it and I will add you to the wheel of fortune for the draw!

When Do I Win??

We will run the survey until 12th March, or until we reach 200 responses, whichever is sooner!


We are always keen to have your input on what we create and do, and we definitely appreciate all our readers and listeners, and the support and encouragement we have received since we started this ‘crusade’ almost 2 years ago!!

You’re a Legend!

Paddy Delaney.


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