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Podcast100: The Guy Spier Interview

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Podcast100: The Guy Spier Interview

13th August 2018

Paddy Delaney


Welcome to Ireland’s only dedicated Financial Planning & Investing Podcast & Blog. We are on a mission to do things differently and to actually help people make decisions that help them achieve the results (& life!) that they want to achieve.

This week we have a rather special guest, Mr. Guy Spier. Guy is the fonder of, and has been been the sole decision-maker of the Aquamarine Investment Fund for 2 decades. This may not seem like anything particularly special if you are not familiar with the Fund however it has an impressive return rate for investors over that period of time and has eclipsed even the S&P 500 in terms of long term return for investors.

He has recently launched a superbly insightful and honest book called ‘The Education Of A Value Investor’, aspects of which we discuss in some detail.

We are thrilled to chat with Guy and gain his insight on many aspects of both money and life. He tells us about his approach to work, investing, life and how the likes of Warren Buffett and Monish Pabrai have shaped him.

Be sure to drop us a mail if you have any ideas, suggestions or questions following this episode. You can mail me directly here.


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