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Pension Changes Impacting High Net Worth Individuals #222

25th April 2022

Paddy Delaney

This week we are joined by Stephen Gillick of Mason Hayes Curran. Stephen is a Partner and Head of Pensions at the firm, and specialises in the legals of pensions in Ireland. It is very relevant to everybody, but particularly those that have established net worth in pension pots.

We look at this from both a PAYE employee’s perspective but also those who might own or run small or medium businesses that typically have Small Self Administered schemes or Executive pensions. This conversation will hopefully answer a lot of questions for all of those individuals. Primary topics are:

  • Master Trusts
  • Small Self Administered Pensions and Executive Pension Plans
  • Pensioneer Trustees and Member Trustee Changes

I hope it helps.


Stephen Gillick | Irish Business Law Firm LLP Mason Hayes Curran (

The Pensions Authority – Welcome to the Pensions Authority

Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman (

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