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Is It Possible To Beat The Market? What Is Investment Edge? #231

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Is It Possible To Beat The Market? What Is Investment Edge? #231

11th July 2022

Paddy Delaney


Lars Kroijer is our guest on today’s podcast to talk with Paddy about can we beat the market, investment edge, hedge funds, and many interesting related topics.

Lars is a former hedge fund manager, author, and entrepreneur from Denmark.


Can We Beat the Market? If We Can’t What Should We Do?

Hello and welcome to this week’s episode. Really interesting topic if you’re into investments. If you’re into ensuring that you get the optimal long term return for yourself into the future.

This episode has some really interesting insights from our guest today. I hope you enjoy it.


This is from last year, 2021, but the content, the ideas, and the principles that Lars shared with us are still applicable.  Enjoy


Lars Kroijer YouTube Channel


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