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Gifting 2m Tax Free To Family in Ireland #281

27th November 2023

Paddy Delaney

Tax Free Gifting To Family Ireland

Gifting €2m to your family tax free. At first glance, this seems impossible and/or undesirable but with smart planning it is possible to avoid all tax burdens on such a gift, legally and legitimately.

In Ireland, the tax landscape, especially concerning wealth transfer, can be a bit like navigating a maze. The culprit? Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT), with a hefty 33% rate for gifts and inheritances. This is what we are now conditioned to, but it is frustrating when you see that in the USA for example there is no federal inheritance tax! And while there is a federal estate tax, it only applies to assets over $13m, and the bands start at 18% above that level!

But here’s the good news for Irish residents. There are legal loopholes, and we’re about to spill the beans on the ones that can work wonders for many of us.

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